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Water Filtration Services in Whiteland, IN.

Although the public water system in Whiteland undergoes ample testing before entering your home, homes that utilize well water are often subject to less strict regulation and may be running contaminated water. However, mineral-dense or bad tasting water can be found in Whiteland homes that do not use well water, too. Even water that is fully EPA certified and declared safe from contaminants may have a distinct and unpleasant taste, and may even leave traces of mineral buildup on your dishes and fixtures. For this reason, an increasing number of Whiteland area home and business owners are choosing to invest in additional water filtration services for their homes and properties.

If you are tired of your home’s bad tasting, mineral-dense water, you may consider the benefits of having a whole home or reverse osmosis filtration system installed in your Whiteland property. Before installing a filtration system, your home’s water needs to be tested by a professional to determine the level and type of contamination present in the water. When evaluating your water, a trained professional will identify things like abnormal Ph levels, mineral content, and anything else that may damage your appliances or prove harmful to your health. Our Plumb Doctor technicians are fully licensed and certified in Indiana to test and analyze your home’s water and determine the type of filtration system needed to keep you and your family safe. After determining the type of filtration system needed, your Plumb Doctor technician will provide a professional water filter installation as well as performing regular maintenance to keep your filtration system functioning properly.

Water Filtration Systems

If you are unsatisfied with the taste of the water in your Whiteland home, or if you are concerned about the presence of iron and other undissolved contaminants in your water, a home water filtration system may be a good option for you. A whole home water filtration system filters the water from the mainline through a physical filter capable of removing between 10 and 20 microns before entering your home. With a whole home water filtration system from Plumb Doctor, you will have clean, clear, and uncontaminated water throughout your entire home.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a specialized type of water filtration system known for its ability to successfully remove a broad range of contaminants and dissolved solids from drinking water. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are usually installed as a point-of-use (POU) system. Typically, reverse osmosis filtration systems are installed below the kitchen sink to provide clean water for drinking and cooking.

Choose Plumb Doctor for Your Water Filtration Needs

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of water in your home, choose a whole home or a reverse osmosis filtration system from Plumb Doctor. Our Whiteland technicians are fully licensed, certified, insured, and experienced with all stages of the process including testing, installation and maintenance. When you choose Plumb Doctor, you will have bottled water-quality water running from your very own faucets. To schedule a professional home water evaluation, contact your neighbors at Plumb Doctor today.

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