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Well Pump Repair, Replacement, & Installation in Indianapolis

If your home is located in one of the local Indianapolis-area neighborhoods without municipal water service, you’ll need to count on a residential well to provide your home with water for drinking, bathing, washing, gardening, and more. However, as you know, a well isn’t much good on its own. In addition to your well, you rely on a quality well pump to move the necessary water into your home’s plumbing system.

Like many plumbing necessities, your well and well pump are largely out of sight and out of mind – that is, until something goes wrong. If your well pump fails, you could suddenly find yourself without water, much more than a simple inconvenience when you consider all the ways you use water in your home. Fortunately, Plumb Doctor is pleased to provide comprehensive, quality well pump services for homes throughout the Indianapolis area.

Whether your well pump issue is a complicated job or a simple issue, call Plumb Doctor 24/7 at (317) 306-9343 or book your appointment online.

Common Signs of Well Pump Problems

Maintaining a properly functioning well pump is an essential part of owning a residential well near Indianapolis. If you believe your well pump may be diminishing in functionality, watch for the following signs of an impending issue:

  • Dirty or discolored water – brown or off-colored water can be a sign of corrosion, rust, and residue.
  • Odd noises – if you notice strange noises, or air spitting from your faucet, it’s a likely sign your well pump is underperforming.
  • Loss in water pressure – this, too, can indicate an issue with your well pump’s performance.
  • Short cycles – when your well pump turns off too quickly, it isn’t able to deliver enough water to your home and can be a symptom of clogs, blockages, and more.
  • Intermittent cycles – by contrast, if your well pump operates too often and for no reason, the pressure control switch is likely failing to communicate with the pump.

Well Pump Repair and Replacement

If you notice any of the above issues with your well pump, it’s important to contact Plumb Doctor as soon as possible. We can help you address the issue before it develops further and becomes more costly. After receiving your call, a licensed, insured well pump specialist will arrive at your home to assess your needs and make a recommendation for repairs.

In the event that your well pump is old, outdated, or beyond repair, we can help you select the replacement model that will work best for your needs. In particular, we will assess your home’s water usage and electrical capabilities to find the ideal unit and establish a maintenance routine to keep it in excellent condition.

Choose Plumb Doctor for Your Well Pump Service Needs

Whether you need well pump repairs, replacement, or initial installation of a new well pump system, you can count on Plumb Doctor. We’ve been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area for over twelve years, and take pride in our expert, licensed team. Best of all, we’ll stand behind our quality parts and workmanship with an unmatched written warranty to ensure your well pump remains in excellent working order for years to come.

To schedule your well pump inspection appointment, contact Plumb Doctor online or call (317) 306-9343 today.

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