Water Heaters

We use hot water for everything. We use it to wash our clothes, cook our food, and to wash our bodies. It's a resource that we use whenever we need some sort of sanitation. The way we maintain hot water temperatures is with a hot water heater. A water heater is sometimes referred to as the “hot water tank”.  They often come in various sizes with 40 gallon tanks being the most popular of them all. A water heater uses either electricity or natural gas to heat up the water and subsequently store the water at the specified temperature set by you.

When will you need to buy another Water Heater?

Depending on how hard the water is in your area, if you are utilizing a water softener, and if the unit has been drained and cleaned periodically, you can expect for a water heater lasts anywhere between 8 and 12 years. We can’t stress the importance of the maintenance and using a water softener if your water is hard. Those small, yet important measures are how you can keep from a potentially expensive repair or even worse, the cost to replace a broken unit! If you need to buy and install a water softener, we at Plumb Doctor, LLC will be there to help with your purchase and installation!

You should look to either replace or repair your water heater unit if:

  • Your water heater unit is making strange noises or sounds

  • Your water heater unit is putting off a strange smell

  • Your water heater unit is leaking

  • Your water heater unit is not getting water hot

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We would love to give you a free estimate to replace or install your traditional water heater. Or we have tankless water heater options as well! You can give us a call at 317-306-9343 at any time. According to Home Advisor, the average cost including labor to replace your unit should be anywhere between $800.00 and $3,500.00.

Based on the maintenance of your unit, the usage of a water softener (water quality), the overall design of the unit, and a number of other varied factors you should look to replace your unit about the time of the warranty expiration. It's no secret, no one wants to be in the shower and find out that the heating element on their heating unit has gone goodbye, or even worse, learning that your unit is leaking, and that it needs to be replaced.

things to look for when determining if it is time to replace your water heater:


No Hot Water (obviously)


Leaking Water


Rust In Water


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DIY TIP: Save money by decreasing Your Unit's energy use

Most brand new unit's are set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not necessary to have that hot of water in your house. Every ten degrees you drop temperature, you will save about five percent on your energy bill. It is recommended to have your unit set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for hot enough water but without burning yourself. Some thermostats are inaccurate, so to be sure you are setting it at the right temperature, use your own thermometer.

Another way to save money is to use less hot water. You can install low-flow shower heads and faucets that will save you water. If you are really concerned about saving money on the energy and water bill, you can cut your shower times down. The most a shower needs to be to get fully clean is 5 minutes. Any longer than that and you are wasting water.

The unit's tanks naturally build up sediment over time and the more sediment in the tank, the less efficient they will be. The less efficient; the more money you’re spending that you don’t need to be. It is recommended by the manufacturers to drain the tank one to two times a year but you can drain it a quarter at a time a few times a year to see the same effect.

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