A nonfunctioning toilet can put unneeded stress in your life.

Broken toilets give broken hearts. Jokes apart, a broken toilet is seriously a pain in neck.  There are lots of things that can breakdown inside a toilet. It could be your faucet, your sink, your bathtub and even your toilet seat. Toilet that has so many elements that require a plumbers attention. 

What problems can a broken toilet cause? 

Broken toilets can be hazardous for one's health also. Getting your toilet repair should be here the topmost priority. We say so because toilets are used by almost every member of the family at times by pets too. A broken toilet can spread germs and bacteria in a very efficient manner and make you sick, very sick!  If you have small kids in the house then they could even get injured by slipping on the wet floor or by chipped damaged materials. If you live in Indianapolis and facing problems with a broken toilet, then let us tell you this that we provide one of the best toilet repair services in Indianapolis. Let us have a look, We are the experts and we know what we are doing. For the best toilet repair and replacement in Indianapolis. Plumb doctor is the only name that you need to remember and call. Our services are open 24/7. So just call us now and see the difference, we are one of the most professional plumbing companies in the entire state of Indiana.

Getting your toilet repaired or replaced is an inexpensive and quick task to get taken care of. Some problems that might call for a toilet replacement are:


Recurring Clogs


Porcelain Crack


Swap for Low Flush Toilet


We are your local Indianapolis 24-hour plumbing company. Trust our experienced team to install, repair, and replace your toilet.

DIY TIP: Toilet Repair

Understanding how your toilet works can help you fix it when it is a minor problem. Here is how your toilet works


-The chain raises the flapper valve/stopper/tank ball when you push the handle.

-The flush valve allows the water in the tank to flow into the toilet bowl.

-The waste water gets forced through the trap and into the main drain by the water in the tank.

-When the tank empties out, the flapper valve shuts and the ballcock fill-ups the tank.

-The float ball turns the ballcock off when the tank is full.