What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device that removes water from your basement or crawl space. It consists of:

  • A pump – which pulls the water out

  • Pipes- which direct the water safely out of, and away from, your home

  • Float- to detect when then water level is high enough that water removal is needed



Why is a Sump Pump so important and when is it used?

If you live in the Midwest where rain is plentiful and water tables tend to be high, then water can accumulate in your basement or crawl space.  This creates the ideal environment for mold growth. When rains are heavy, it is not uncommon for flooding to occur and if you cannot pump the water out, it can continue to rise, causing significant damage to walls, furniture, appliances and your home’s value.


HOW DOES A SUMP PUMP WORK? What types are available?

When the water rises past a certain point the float switch will activate the pump. The water is then pumped out of the home through a discharge pipe to help keep the water from damaging the home and the homeowners belongings.

They come in two different types, a submersible and a pedestal. Which type you will need will depend on your specific situation. Submersibles are more prevalent because they are quieter than their counterparts and they are safer and cooler to run as well. And the switch on a submersible will generally last about five times longer.

Again, the size you might need will depend on your particular situation. However, as a generality, for new applications, you will probably need a 1/3 horsepower, at a minimum. If you need to continually pump water from an area, you should go with a pump that has at least a 1/2 horsepower rating. You don't want to spend money on an undersized pump and risk flooding your basement or any other area you need it for. One thing to remember is the higher you have to pump the water, the higher the horsepower your pump will need to be.

Installing a sump is not hard at all and can be done in just a few minutes.  All it takes is a screwdriver, channel locks, and sometimes a hacksaw as well. Most will come with easy to follow instructions showing you exactly what you need to do to get started. 

Don't let your install be another DIY Fail!  If you need our help, we are available 24/7!

Common Problems

If you find that your pump won't start, or runs erratically when it does, there are a few key things you should look at first. Check the float switch and make sure it is being raised to the appropriate level - the float ball might be stuck on something. If it is, remove the obstacle as soon as you can.

Basement flooding is unfortunately a common occurrence, often with devastating effects. The number one reason for basement flooding is the failure of a sump pump system to effectively function. Unless properly designed, a typical Indianapolis home's sump pump system failing is not a matter of IF but rather of when.

With as rainy as Indianapolis get in the Spring, it's easy to need either a sump pump repair or a sump pump replacement in the Indianapolis, Indiana area at the "drop" of a hat.

Install an Alarm

If there's a problem and it starts raining heavily outside, you're entering a situation where every second counts. You should absolutely take the precaution of installing a sump alarm so that you can fix a small problem before it becomes a much bigger, more expensive and decidedly water-logged one before you know it.

Sump pump alarms include a sensor that closely monitors the water level in your basin. If the water starts rising too fast or if the pump itself fails, you'll know about it immediately. This gives you the warning necessary to either fix the problem yourself or call someone who can.


Two Options for Repairs Include

  • Back Up Battery Replacement
  • New Installation

There are several causes of sump pump system failures which lead to flooding:

5508 Elmwood Ave, #304 46203-sump-pump-6.png

A partially or completely depleted battery of a backup system because of insufficient stored power from the system's battery, or batteries

5508 Elmwood Ave, #304 46203-sump-pump-7.png

Excess wear and tear of the primary pump, which can ultimately burn out a light duty sump motor (commonly installed in new homes)

5508 Elmwood Ave, #304 46203-sump-pump-8.png

Insufficient pumping capacity which prevents the primary pump from keeping up with water intake even though continuing to run

Does insurance cover flood damage?

Indiana is among the top 10 states for flood claims. And floods often happen when and where we least expect them, which is why they are so devastating.  In 2015, nearly $8 million were paid out by insurance companies for flood claims in Indiana with the average national claim of over $46,000. * FEMA

You may think that if you have insurance you are covered, but you should know that:

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Deductibles are often high to keep insurance costs low. You may have to pay out several thousand of your own money to recover what you have lost.

5508 Elmwood Ave, #304 46203-sump-pump-2.png

Insurance will try to settle a claim for as little as possible, which means often they do not cover all you have lost.

5508 Elmwood Ave, #304 46203-sump-pump-11.png

Many items in your home, such as heirlooms, are not replaceable.


Make sure that you are PURCHASING THE RIGHT SUMP PUMP!

Builders often install a lesser quality primary sump pump to keep costs down. Such pumps have lower pumping capacities and/or may not meet the heavy duty specifications required for a sump system. Most homes are not sold because of the quality put into the sump system. If the home has the original primary sump, it is probably prudent to replace it with a heavy duty AC primary pump.


We can't reiterate enough the importance of a battery powered back up sump pump. Installing a battery backup system creates a huge safety net during a storm. It can provide both pumping capability during power outages and also in the event that the primary pump just ceases to operate. It can also assist a functioning primary pump which is pumping but not keeping up with water intake even though there is no power outage.

Wouldn't you like to be alerted if both your main pump and back up pump malfunctioned? The great news is a sump pump alarm does just that!  This important security measure has proven to save homeowners thousands by simply alerting the homeowners when the water levels reach a certain limit.  

Prevent A Repair or replacement today!

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