Having A Sump Pump Is Extremely Important In Indianapolis! 

On average, Indianapolis gets about 42 inches of rain every year. If you have a home with a basement or live in a low-lying area, it’s extremely important to be prepared for and prevent the potential water that could accumulate in your home. A properly working, quality sump pump works by diverting the water that can accumulate from heavy rain into a municipal storm drain or dry well – thus preventing your home from flooding. Plumb Doctor has an experienced team of plumbers in the Greenwood, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas that can install a new sump pump or replace a faulty one to help you to avoid these situations. We install only the best quality sump pumps, and you can rest easy knowing that they come with guarantees and a strong warranty! Call us now to schedule your appointment or read below to learn more:

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an automatic pump used to drain an area that has been overcome by water. They are generally made up of two parts: a float switch and a mechanical pump. The most common use of a sump pump is in a home's basement. However, they have many other residential and commercial uses as well.

When is a Sump Pump Most Commonly Used?

Sump pumps are most commonly used to drain water from a residential setting, such as a basement, in an effort to keep the water from damaging a home. Sump pumps are most commonly needed after heavy rains, flooding or anything else that causes the water level to rise.

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

When the water rises past a certain point the float switch will activate the pump. The water is then pumped out of the home through a discharge pipe to help keep the water from damaging the home and the homeowners belongings.

What Size Sump Pump Is Typically Needed?

The size sump pump you might need will depend on your particular situation. However, as a generality, for new applications, you will probably need a 1/3 horsepower, minimum. If you need to continually pump water from an area, you should go with a pump that has at least a 1/2 horsepower rating. You don't want to spend money on an undersized sump pump and risk flooding your basement or any other area you need it for. One thing to remember is the higher you have to pump the water, the higher the horsepower your sump pump will need to be.

Purchasing The Right Sump Pump: 

Builders often install a lesser quality primary pump to keep costs down. Such pumps have lower pumping capacities and/or may not meet the heavy duty specifications required for a sump system. Most homes are not sold because of the quality put into the sump system. If the home has the original primary sump pump, it is probably prudent to replace it with a heavy duty AC primary pump. Plumb Doctor takes pride in only installing the best, most quality sump pumps on the market. We would be happy to answer any questions regarding the brands we use and the warranty that we provide!

Why Back Up Sump Pumps Are Important: 

Installing a battery backup system creates a huge safety net during a storm. It can provide both pumping capability during power outages and also in the event that the primary pump just ceases to operate. It can also assist a functioning primary pump which is pumping but not keeping up with water intake even though there is no power outage. If you are thinking about installing a sump pump for your home, ask us about a back-up sump pump. We would be happy to give you information regarding the benefits of this system in relation to your personal circumstances!

Importance of Sump Pump Alarms: 

Wouldn't you like to be alerted if both your sump pump and back up pump malfunctioned? The great news is a sump pump alarm does just that!  This important security measure has proven to save homeowners thousands by simply alerting the homeowners when the water levels reach a certain limit.