Before you have us come to your home or business and replace your sewer line, you must know your sewer line needs replacing.

Believe it or not, sewer lines are the lifeline of any plumbing system. They are the primary source of exit for domestic water. Even in case of heavy rains or flooding, it's the sewer lines that keep you safe to some extent. Owing to the nature of sewer lines operation, they do require regular maintenance. A broken sewer line is a real problem. It should be repaired as soon as possible. Many times a faulty sewer line can cause back-flow into the main plumbing lines resulting in flooding of entire house. This condition is also potentially hazardous health-wise as well. Being in the business of plumbing, we know how to take care of such things. For the best sewer line repair in Indianapolis, Plumb Doctor should be the only one you should call. We have the expertise and the experience that can help you maintain and repair sewer lines. Although it might sound insignificant but trust us a faulty sewer line is really a bad thing to have. Get it corrected before things turn ugly.

Below Are Some Warning Signs It's Time To Give Us A Call:

sewer line indianapolis.png
  • You have a damp yard with foul odors

  • Backed up drains throughout the house

  • Flooding or water spots in your basement

more reasons your sewer line is acting up and might need replacement:

sewer line repair.png
  • Sewer lines in older homes are more likely made from metal materials that decay over time, which probably needs a replacement.

  • Newer homes might have a substantial root intrusion or a burst line.

Sewer line replacement is a job you can only trust with professionals. If not done correctly, your life as a homeowner will be miserable. Trust our experienced team who have done this specific job over and over again successfully. 

Also, if you just need a sewer line installed for the first time, we do that too. Just give us a call at 317-306-9343 or contact us below and we’ll come out and give you a quote!