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Re-piping Services in Indianapolis

If you’ve noticed water spots or paint bubbling on your ceiling, streaks or wallpaper damage on your walls, or changes in your floor’s texture, your aging pipes are leaking and causing damage to your home. While some leaks are easily repaired by addressing a single cracked or burst pipe, if your leakage issues are more widespread, you may benefit from repiping instead.

Why? Although most piping in Indianapolis area homes was designed to last 50 years or more, corrosion, improper care, and even time itself can lead to the deterioration of your home’s pipes. In addition, other factors, such as burst pipes or extensive cracks and leaks, can necessitate replacing your pipes before the end of their natural lifespan.

Plumb Doctor can provide leak detection services and help you assess whether you need a simple fix or a whole-home repipe. If you believe your Indianapolis area home could benefit from repiping, call (317) 306-9343 or book an inspection online.

Signs Your Home May Need Re-piping

As with most other plumbing problems, there are a few signs your home may benefit from repiping. If you have any of the following issues, contact Plumb Doctor for a repiping estimate:

  • You live in an older home. Homes over 50 years old are the most likely candidates for repiping since Indianapolis homes at that age tend to use galvanized pipes that are more susceptible to corrosion. However, even if your home is still approaching 50, your piping can still experience the buildup of rust and sediment that causes pipe damage.
  • Discolored water. Red or brown water is a sure sign of the rust buildup and corrosion that eventually leads to weakened, leaky pipes. This sediment is a sign that your pipes are nearing the end of their lifespan, and scheduling a repiping before you experience a catastrophic failure can save you money and property damage.
  • Reduced water pressure. Recurring low water pressure can be a sign that rust and corrosion have weakened your pipes in several locations, putting you at risk for leaks and water damage. Schedule an inspection to see if repiping is necessary for your home.

How Can Re-piping Help?

When you schedule a plumbing inspection or leak detection appointment with Plumb Doctor, our expert technicians will assess your home’s piping and identify potential issues. If your home’s pipes are old, weak, or corroded – or suffering from extensive damage due to burst pipes or excessive leaks – a whole-home repiping can address the issue at hand and prevent further damage.

We’ll professionally remove your old, corroded pipes and replace them with high-quality PEX or copper piping. These materials are long-lasting, durable, and resistant to corrosion. As a result, you’ll remain confident in the safety of your home’s piping for years to come.

Choose Plumb Doctor For Your Indianapolis Re-piping Project

Plumb Doctor has been providing quality plumbing and repiping services to Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for well over a decade. Our team of fully licensed, insured technicians can handle all your leak detection, repair, and repiping needs. We offer a written warranty on all materials and workmanship, giving you full confidence in the lasting health of your home’s plumbing system.

For more information about leak detection and repiping services from Plumb Doctor, call us at (317) 306-9343 or reach out online today.

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