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Plumbing Fixture Repair & Replacement in Indianapolis

Your plumbing fixtures make it simple for you and the others who live in your home to access clean, temperate water for drinking, bathing, washing dishes, cleaning clothing, gardening, and much more. That is, all seems simple until there is an issue.

When your kitchen, bath, and laundry fixtures fail to work properly, it’s much more difficult to achieve the tasks essential to daily life. As a result, you’ll want to seek expert plumbing fixture repair or replacement services as soon as possible, so you can get your home back to normal.

In Indianapolis, Plumb Doctor is your first choice for all your plumbing fixture issues. Contact us by phone 24/7 at (317) 306-9343 or book an appointment online.

Kitchen, Bath and Shower Faucets

When your faucets are dripping, leaking, or otherwise malfunctioning, they also cost you a bundle in excess water use. For that reason, you’ll need a professional plumber to assess the issue and fix the leak as soon as possible. Primarily, faucet leaks are caused by two major issues:

  • Deteriorated cartridge – over time, the cartridge in your faucet accumulates sediment inside the assembly, and with constant use, it can wear out.
  • Deteriorated seat – your faucet’s seat connects the cartridge to your water supply. Much like the cartridge, with time, constant use, and the addition of sediment, faucet seats can wear out.

Our skilled technicians can diagnose your issue and determine if your kitchen, bath, or shower faucet needs repair or replacement. Then, your bathroom or kitchen will be back to normal in no time.

Shower and Shutoff Valves

Do you have difficulty turning your shower handle? Does water seep out of your showerhead when turned off, trickle out when turned on, or release hot water and cold water improperly? You likely have a problem with your shower valve.

Similarly, other valves in your home may experience issues with time, deterioration, or cold weather. The main water shutoff valve in your home (usually located in the basement or on an exterior wall), shutoff valves for sinks, toilets, laundry, and appliances, and shutoff valves for other fixtures may all experience leaks, drips, or even freezing and bursting. If you have saddle valves (T-handled valves) in your Indianapolis home, these should be replaced as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing any of the above valve issues, you risk water damage to your property as well as excessively high water bills. Fortunately, Plumb Doctor can diagnose and repair the problem and have your valves back to their full functional capacity as soon as possible.

New Plumbing Fixture Installation

Whether you’re building a new home in the Indianapolis area, or simply need to route plumbing to your new dishwasher or laundry system, call the experts at Plumb Doctor. Our licensed and insured technicians can help you determine the proper placement for your new dishwasher or laundry machines, and ensure all pipes and valves are installed properly.

Choose Plumb Doctor For Your Indianapolis Plumbing Fixture Needs

You need your plumbing fixtures to work flawlessly, so you have continuous access to fresh water for all your household needs. If you live in Indianapolis, Carmel, Danville, Lawrence, Plainfield, and the surrounding areas, Plumb Doctor has you covered with expert technicians, rapid response, and parts and labor-backed by our unmatched warranty. Call us at (317) 306-9343 or contact us online today.

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