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Water Filtration Services in Noblesville, Indiana

Although the public water system is regulated, it is far from perfect. Despite the contaminants that are already being filtered out, it is not uncommon for water to have a strange or unpleasant taste. Plus, if your property utilizes well water instead, you don’t even have the strict testing and monitoring guidelines to rely upon — there’s far less regulation in place when it comes to well water. For these reasons, it is understandable that some Noblesville residents may opt to install their own water filtration system to ensure the cleanest, most fresh-tasting water.

Of course, before you can install a water filtration or treatment system on your property, testing must be performed to determine the current shortcomings of your water. Want a service that can take care of this entire process, all in one place? Plumb Doctor can perform a thorough evaluation of your water (determining factors like mineral content, pH levels, and more), before recommending and installing the best filtration system for you.

Water Filtration Systems

If you are interested in installing your own water filtration system, one option is known as a whole-home water filtration system. Generally, it’s a good idea to install one of these systems if your water has an unusually high amount of iron or non-dissolved contaminants.

Whole-home filtration systems are a point-of-entry (POE) option, since they treat the water before it can even enter your home. These systems work by filtering mainline water through a physical filter, following the system to get rid of contaminants that are between ten and thirty microns.

Once you have a whole-home water filtration system installed by the experienced plumbers at Plumb Doctor, you will know that major contaminants are being successfully removed from all the water on your property.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Another water filtration option is known as a reverse osmosis system. This is a specialized kind of water filtration and treatment system. Unlike whole-home systems, reverse osmosis systems are a popular point-of-use (POU) option. One of these systems will be installed in a specific area of your home, in order to effectively filter the water in that area. Generally, reverse osmosis systems are installed under a kitchen sink, in order to treat cooking and drinking water.

Compared to whole-home systems, reverse osmosis systems are better equipped to remove a broad array of contaminants from your water — this even includes dissolved solids.

A reverse osmosis system will first pre-filter your water, allowing them to remove any large deposits. After that, the pre-filtered water will pass through a semipermeable membrane, in order to get rid of smaller contaminants. The water then goes through a carbon-filtered layer, providing the user with the safest, cleanest drinking or cooking water.

Plumb Doctor Helps With All Your Water Filtration Needs

Before installing a water filtration system, make sure you are consulting with the experts. The team at Plumb Doctor in Noblesville, IN knows just how to determine which filtration system is best for you. Our certified, licensed, and insured professionals can efficiently install your new system — we’ll even help you with maintenance.

You can schedule an appointment with Plumb Doctor through our site, or you can call our team at (317) 306-9343, to get started.

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