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Water is an incredibly useful resource, employed in a number of different ways in the home. Whether you’re using it to clean, cook, wash your clothing, bathe, or even just to drink, the ability to have it delivered directly to you via a system of pipes is a convenience we often take for granted. However, despite the many benefits of modern plumbing, it comes with certain challenges and risks as well. Water damage remains one of the most destructive and expensive forms of damage a house can sustain, and all it takes is one small leak in your water line. Destruction of property due to a water leak can range from the loss of a few items to structural damage. In extreme cases, the home may need to be vacated, torn down, and rebuilt altogether.

Repairing Your Water Line

The most obvious sign that you are in need of assistance with water line repairs are pools of water and visible water leaks. However, depending on how the plumbing is set up in your home, there are several areas where leaks could go unnoticed for long periods of time. Other possible indications that your water line needs to be repaired include unusually high water bills, losses in water pressure, and patches of dampness in your ceiling, walls, or floor. If you’ve noticed any or all of the above, it’s likely that you have a leak somewhere in the house. Additionally, discolored or foul-smelling water can occur when your pipes have large amounts of corrosion or have developed cracks allowing contaminants to seep into your water supply. In either case, you should contact a plumber from Plumb Doctor as soon as possible to prevent water damage and avoid any negative impacts on your health.

Replacing Your Water Line

In some situations, your water line may need to be upgraded. Pipes who have long outlived their life expectancy will likely have such amounts of corrosion and wear that patching them is not an option. Additionally, older pipes were sometimes made with materials that could be hazardous to your health, so even if the damage isn’t too severe, it may be in your best interest to replace them. If breaks in the pipes were caused by any growth from tree roots in your yard, your Plumb Doctor technician can assist by assessing the situation and adding in the new pipes in such a way that they are not impacted in the future.

Installing Your Water Line

When taking on a large construction project or making some changes to your home, you might find yourself needing to reroute your existing pipes or install a new water line altogether. Proper installation is critical to preventing extremely expensive problems further in the future. This includes ensuring the placement isn’t likely to be affected by tree roots and using the best materials for your pipes. At Plumb Doctor, we have extensive experience installing water lines and can ensure your property has functional plumbing in a timely manner.

Plumb Doctor’s Water Line Services

Given that we are located in Greenwood, IN, we are personally invested in ensuring we provide the highest level of service to our fellow community members. That’s why we ensure that all of our plumbers are licensed, trained, and insured, and thoroughly prepared to make your satisfaction their top priority. We can go over the specifics of your situation in detail, putting together a timetable that meets your exact scheduling needs. For more information, or to request an estimate, simply call Plumb Doctor at 317-306-9343 or fill out our online form.

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