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While there are fewer things more uncomfortable than a cold shower, your water heater is important for a number of other reasons as well. Hot water can also be useful to help clean your clothing or wash your dishes more effectively. This is why it’s extremely important to ensure that your water heater is routinely serviced, preventing any breakdowns from occurring at inconvenient times. At Plumb Doctor, we are fully prepared to assist with any of your water heater issues, whether you simply need to have it inspected or want it repaired.

Hot water leaving you in the cold? Lets bring back the warmth and comfort you’re use to. Call Plumb Doctor today at (317) 306-9343 or schedule an appointment online.

Repairing Your Water Heater

If you’ve noticed any inconsistencies in your water temperature, or a significant increase in your water bill, that could be an indication of a problem with your water heater. A water heater that isn’t working efficiently takes longer to heat up, and the longer the process, the more expensive it will be when you have to pay the bill. Other signs of trouble include an unpleasant odor, strange noises, or water leaks. While these may seem minor, they can quickly escalate into much larger, more complicated issues. Contact Plumb Doctor for assistance if you believe your water heater may be in need of repairs. Our plumbers can easily diagnose the issue and schedule a service call in a timely manner.

Replacing Your Water Heater

Unfortunately, in some cases, a repair isn’t possible. If the damage is severe, or the water heater is too old for repairs, it may be time to get it replaced. Alternatively, even if your water heater is currently in working order, it may be in your best interest to have it replaced. Older units are less efficient, which leads to wasted energy and higher costs. Replacing your unit with a more modern version can lead to big savings and reduce negative impacts on the environment in the process.

Installing a New Water Heater

When installing a new water heater, it’s critical to have an experienced professional on hand to do so properly. Improper installation can result in dangerous leaks, which can lead to a number of other problems in the future. The plumbers at Plumb Doctor can go over the various options available and help you determine which model of water heater will best suit your needs. Once you’ve found the perfect unit, they can ensure the heater is successfully installed in short order, allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of your new water heater right away.

Plumb Doctor Water Heater Services

Plumb Doctor is a locally-based plumbing company here in Greenwood. Our team is composed of fully trained and licensed experts with years of knowledge working on water heaters within the community. In addition to being professionals in the field, we take pride in working closely with all of our clients. Regardless of what kind of water heater services you need, we’re happy to walk through the process with you step by step, gathering information on your case, presenting your options, and helping you determine what solution works best for you. If you notice any irregularities with your water heater, or would simply like some more information, don’t hesitate to contact Plumb Doctor at (317) 306-9343 or fill out our online form.

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