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Tankless Water Heater Repair, Replacement & Installation

Water heaters are vital components of modern society, providing you with clean hot water on demand. However, much has changed since humanity first learned to harness the power of gas and electricity to provide automatically heated water. As an alternative to classic water heater models, many homeowners have opted to upgrade to a more innovative choice: the tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are far more efficient, using 30-50 percent less energy than their predecessors, reducing your expenses in the process. They are also incredibly convenient, given their reduced size and immediate heating process, allowing you to never run out of hot water.

Hot water left you in the cold? Let’s bring back the warmth and comfort you’re use to, on demand! Call Plumb Doctor today at (317) 306-9343 or schedule an appointment online.

Repairing Your Tankless Water Heater

Like any home appliance, tankless water heaters require regular maintenance. Scheduling routine service calls with one of our Plumb Doctor technicians can help prevent harmful mineral buildup and keep your system clear of blockages. However, regular wear and tear can still lead to problems in the future. If you’ve noticed that your unit fails to ignite, isn’t heating the water consistently, or is taking longer than usual to do so, it may be in need of repairs. A professional can adequately isolate the issue and perform a diagnostic to determine the source of said issue, allowing you to go back to your day in a timely manner.

Replacing Your Tankless Water Heater

In cases where the damage is extreme, or if the capacity of your unit is not sufficient for your heating needs, we can help you get the tankless water heater replaced with a newer model that is more appropriate for your home. One of our technicians can quickly assess the status of your current tankless water heater. If they determine a replacement is the best course of action, they can go over the different options and have the new model installed in short order.

Installing Your New Tankless Water Heater

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits a tankless water heater has to offer, we can help. Installation is a complex process that must be taken care of by a licensed and insured professional. That’s why it’s important to have a team of experts you can trust. This prevents any problems from popping up in the future, which could result in costly damages to your home. At Plumb Doctor, our plumbers have the knowledge and qualifications necessary to perform a quick, high-quality installation in your home.

Plumb Doctor’s Tankless Water Heater Services

Located in Greenwood, IN, Plumb Doctor is a provider of professional plumbing services. We are personally invested in ensuring we provide the best service to our fellow community members. In addition to our skills and expertise, we ensure that every client feels taken care of. Our plumbers are equipped to work alongside you to assess the details of your unique situation, and then walk you through the solutions that make the most sense for you. Once you’ve determined how you want to proceed, they can schedule a service call at a time that is most convenient for you and resolve the problem quickly, allowing you to start enjoying your tankless water heater once more. If you’re ready, simply give us a call at (317) 306-9343 or fill out our online form today!

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