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If you live in Greenwood, Indiana, there’s a good chance you’ll need one of Greenwood, Indiana plumbers. Our plumbers Greenwood, Indiana have a skill set that is needed for a city in Johnson County, Indiana with a population close to 57,000 in 2016. Greenwood is a large, sprawling and populous suburb that is known to be family-friendly.

With thousands of homeowners in the area, there are plumbing needs that range from tankless hot water heaters and sump pump replacements to replacing leaky garbage disposals. Yes, you need a plumber for a leaky garbage disposal. You may even need an emergency plumber, in some cases.

Greenwood is known for it’s diverse business community with a beautifully historic and quaint downtown with access to the amenities of the city of Indianapolis. The City of Greenwood is bordered by Southport to the north, Whiteland, New Whiteland and Franklin to the south, Smith Valley and Bargersville to the west and Boggstown to the East.  The Greenwood, Indiana area is a great place for Plumb Doctor, LLC to call home.


Greenwood, Indiana Plumbers Who perform Sump Pump Repair and Replacement

A sump pump is an automatic pump used to drain an area that has been overcome by water. They are generally made up of two parts: a float switch and a mechanical pump. The most common use of a sump pump is in a home's basement. However, they have many other residential and commercial uses as well.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your sump pump. Some of the most common failures that happen with sump pumps are with the float switches and the sump pump trigger devices. A sump pump is something that you never realize you have until your sump pump needs to be replaced. Plumb Doctor, LLC is the best plumber for a sump pump replacement in the Greenwood, Indiana area.

Greenwood, Indiana plumbers to repair/install Tankless or Demand-Type Hot Water Heaters


According to the Department of Energy, tankless water heaters heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. When a hot water tap is turned on in a home or business, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit. With tankless hot water heaters, either a gas burner or an electric element heats the water. The end result of this process is a constant supply of hot water.

Are tankless hot water heaters more efficient? About 24-34% better for homes that use 41 gallons of water or less daily according to a recent statistic from government website, So not only are tankless hot water heaters more efficient, but with double the life of a traditional hot water heater, a tankless hot water heater is durable, energy efficient and saves money.

A well functioning, tankless hot water heater is definitely something you want to have in a cold Indiana winter. No one wants to have the hot water run out right in the middle of a long hot shower. Greenwood area plumbers, Plumb Doctor, LLC is the skilled plumber to help both install and maintain your new hot water heater in your home.


Plumbers in Greenwood Indiana that repair Garbage disposals

Never has there been a time in history when most if not all homes, particularly new construction homes have a handy garbage disposal in their kitchen. Unfortunately, often what comes with a bit of convenience in the now has some sort of pain waiting in the wings.

Though putting in a new garbage disposal may seem like the proverbial “walk in the park” for the seasoned DIY’er, there are several instances where you are more than likely going to need Plumb Doctor, LLC to step in and save the day. Here are several examples where you’ll more than likely need a plumber to step in to help with your garbage disposal repair.

  • If you have a garbage disposal is on but not making any noise.

  • If you have a garbage disposal that is smelly and leaky.

  • If you have a slow draining garbage disposal.

  • If you have a garbage disposal that is somehow jammed.

Those were several of the common garbage disposal repair needs that a plumber should fix. If you believe that it’s time to purchase a new garbage disposal, or you think that the broken garbage disposal repair is one that is too much for you to handle. Call Plumb Doctor, LLC for that garbage disposal fix before things can get out of control.

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