A poor garbage disposal installation is easily recognizable. A garbage disposal is a staple in today's households. Because of the garbage disposal's importance, a well performed garbage disposal installation is necessary in every home. Even more important is a great garbage disposal repair in the time of need.

If you do not have a garbage disposal, we recommend you get one.

Getting rid of that garbage is not easy. That's why people have proper garbage disposal systems in place. A garbage disposal is typically installed under the kitchen sink. The disposal is connected in between the sink and the plumbing line. It is generally electrically operated and its main purpose is to shred the kitchen garbage like vegetable leftovers into small pieces which can be then flushed down the regular plumbing lines.

A proper garbage disposal installation saves a lot of trouble and money as the kitchen plumbing lines remains safe. Getting a garbage disposal system installed can be a technical job, which is why getting the services of a professional plumber is recommended. We provide the best garbage disposal installation and garbage disposal repair services in the Indianapolis area, give us a call at 317-306-9343 today!

You have to be smart about what you put down the garbage disposal because you can clog it up quickly. Here is a list of things to avoid putting down the garbage disposal:




Large Foods




Coffee Grounds


Grease, Oil, Fat



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DIY TIP: Cleaning Your Disposal


  • Baking soda

  • White vinegar

  • Boiled water

  • Ice

  • Salt

  • Lemon


  1. Start by pouring less than a cup of baking soda down the disposal.

  2. Next, pour a cup of the vinegar down the drain and cover the drain.

  3. Let the reaction work for a couple minutes while you boil some water. Once the water is boiled pour that down the disposal as well. Then, pour a couple cups of ice down the disposal, followed by about a cup of salt.

  4. Turn on the garbage disposal while letting some cold water run.

  5. After all of that, cut the lemon in halves and remove the skin. Place both halves separately and the acidic element will clean your disposal and make it smell fresh.