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Water Filtration & Treatment Services Franklin, IN.

Living in Franklin, Indiana, we are surrounded by primarily sedimentary rocks, which are more easily eroded than other types of rock. Thus, the water in the area may contain higher levels of sediment and minerals which are not necessarily fit for regular human consumption. Although the public water filtration system in the greater Indianapolis area is regularly tested and monitored, there is no reason not to have a water filtration system in your home to ensure that you are getting only the safest, purest, and best tasting water delivered into your home for your family to drink, shower with, and use for laundry and other household needs.

There are a handful of different water filtration systems that are common in homes around the area. The most dependable and effective water filtration device that is being used with widespread success and satisfaction is the reverse osmosis water filter. Whole-home water filtration ensures that your water is free of metals and other non-dissolved contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Water filtration using reverse osmosis has become more popular in the last 10 years as technological advancements have allowed for our understanding of the reverse osmosis filtration process and the widespread production and distribution of effective filters.

Prior to the reverse osmosis operation of the filter, water to be filtered is first forced through a somewhat permeable membrane, removing the majority of particles between 50-100 micrometers from the water. The reverse osmosis then occurs, where an applied force results in pressure in the system, which is used to overcome the osmotic pressure. The water that exits the filter is free of any suspended and dissolved chemicals as well as bacteria. The result is water that is not only potable but free of more contaminants than water exiting any other widely distributed water filter on the market.

Point-of-Entry Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems that service the entire home are considered to be point-of-entry systems, as they treat the water before it enters your home. Thus, there should not be the presence of any contaminants. Most water filtration systems used in the industry are under this classification.

Point-of-Use Water Filter Systems

In-home water filtration using reverse osmosis or other water filter installed by Plumb Doctor in Franklin are considered point-of-use systems, as the filtration takes place within the home. Often, the filtration system is installed under the kitchen sink, to filter the water that is being used primarily for drinking and cooking to ensure it is free of metals or other contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, radon, and most nitrates.

Plumb Doctor in Franklin has a team of well-versed experts who can add a water filtration or treatment system into your home. Before installation of any technology, our team of experts in Franklin will test your water to determine the quality of water you are currently getting in your home and what type of filtration system could best fit your needs. Each of our technicians is certified, licensed, and insured to maintain and install the water filtration or treatment system for your home in the Franklin area, so get in touch with us today to see what solution is the best fit for your home!

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