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Sewer Line Repair, Installation & Replacement Franklin IN.

Any home or business needs to have a sewer line to transport water and waste away from the source. Luckily, Plumb Doctor in Franklin is experienced and capable of installing or replacing a sewer line for your needs.

Damage to your sewer line threatens your home or business with the potential for damage from wastewater. The drains in your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bathtub, shower, dishwasher, washing machine, and near your water heater all drain away wastewater. These systems need to be functioning well, as they eventually converge into the main sewer line which transports water, waste, and sewage away from your home.

Issues that arise with sewage can be dangerous, and unfortunately, do occur, and the effects range from leaks, clogs, or flooding of sewage into your home. If any issue with your plumbing is occurring, contact Franklin Plumb Doctor to ensure that you avoid any potential health issues or property damage.

How to Tell Your Sewage Line Needs Attention

Several things could happen to your sewer line, including cracks, tree root intrusion, or corrosion, but there are some tell-tale signs that your sewer line may need repair or replacement. While you may expect these symptoms to be similar to a normal drain clog, there are other symptoms unique to a damaged sewer line:

  • Seepage onto your lawn. A damaged sewer line may be releasing a considerable amount of waste, water, and sewage into the ground around the line. Unfortunately, this may be the first thing you notice as the line is buried and difficult to assess regularly. Do not fear, if you notice this early on, potential damage to your yard or lawn can be mitigated. If the crack is substantial and leaking a considerable amount of material, you may notice pools of foul-smelling standing water forming in the areas on the surface above the sewer lines.
  • Basement flooding. Drains that are lower in elevation in your home may experience flooding if your sewer line is not properly transporting waste and water away from the home. Floor drains, utility drains, and shower drains could cause your basement to flood, and there is potential for sewage and gray water to enter your home. Franklin’s Plumb Doctor has experience dealing with issues like this and can mitigate damage and replace or repair your sewer line as needed.
  • Multiple drain clogs. If the issue with your drains is a singular clog in one location, there is a good chance that the issue only exists within that one drain. However, if numerous drains within your home, especially on the lower levels, are all clogging at the same time, then the sewer drain is more likely to be the issue.
  • Increasingly bad backups. Backups within drains happen, and it is usually due to debris and residue accumulating within the drain. However, if you are taking steps to deal with the individual backups but they seem to be pervading or even worsening, then the issue most likely resides within your sewer line and will require a bit more attention.

All these issues with sewer lines are things that Plumb Doctor in Franklin has experience with, and our team of experts is prepared to service your sewer in whatever capacity is needed to provide you with the safety and effectiveness you deserve in your home or business.

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