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Drain Cleaning & Drain Clog Repair: Franklin

Functional drains are essential to the success of your home or business’ plumbing. They serve the crucial role of transporting excess water, waste, and sewage out of your building in an efficient manner, as well as food waste from the kitchen sink and dishwasher. An unsung hero of the home, the drains in your house likely do not get very much attention until there is something that has gone wrong with them, and then it is impossible to forget about them. The last thing you want is to have issues with your drain.

The team at Plumb Doctor in Franklin is experienced with a variety of issues that can arise with the drains in your home or business, and have the tools and knowledge required to repair them if it gets to the point of irreversible damage within the drain. Our team provides expert service in cleaning drains, removing clogs, and providing repair services as needed.

Drain Preventative Maintenance

Many of the issues that occur with drains are preventable by implementing proper cleaning regularly. If you notice that your drain is slow or occasionally backing up, then there is a good chance that your drain has a clog. While chemicals are marketed for their ability to dissolve drain residue, you can also use a mixture of hot water and vinegar to pour down the drain, flushing out debris and clearing whatever was clogging it. Use this technique every few months to avoid damage or more severe clogging of your drain.

Our Drain Services

At Plumb Doctor in Franklin, our team is professionally trained and well-versed in both common and more unique drain issues that may arise within your home or business’s sink, toilet, shower, or main drain lines. In particular, we can handle these drain issues with confidence:

  • Clogged drain line. The main drain line in your home transports water and waste away from your home, and if it is clogged, you risk the drain backing up and dirty gray water entering your home. In this event, the drains in the appliances and fixtures in your home will not drain properly. If you notice a lack of flow or proper draining, this could be the issue.
  • Clogged shower tub drains. Debris and hair can accumulate in the shower drain and restrict the flow of water as well. There is a chance that these clogs can lead to leaks within the pipes, and the floors and walls surrounding the shower may become wet. The result could be water-stained ceilings, damaged walls, warping of floors, and the presence of mold growth.
  • Clogged floor drains. Floor drains in your home or business are typically located near the water heater and dirt or debris can accumulate, resulting in the drain backing up and dirty wastewater entering your home.
  • Clogged kitchen drains. Your kitchen drain and garbage disposal can handle a lot, but pay careful attention to items that are not intended for disposal via this route. Grease, bread, and other items can damage your garbage disposal or coat the inside of pipes and lead to damage to your drain.

Choose Plumb Doctor

At Plumb Doctor in Franklin, our expert team is prepared to relieve you from potential water damage and other costly issues that can arise. Our access to top-of-the-line technology, modern tools, and years of experience make us a confident choice in helping with your drain cleaning, repair, and clog removal.

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