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When it comes to homeownership, there is a lot to keep your eyes on. Small issues that you may have once ignored in a rental unit can now be signs of very real issues possibly impacting both your home and wallet. One appliance that keeps the operations of your home running smoothly is your water heater.

While often stashed away in a basement or behind a closed door, it is important to check your system periodically to ensure it is working at its best. When you are aware of how it should be working, you’ll be able to recognize early warning signs that could hint at a larger issue on the horizon. Dealing with a faulty water heater can impact all aspects of your home life, so ensuring the health of your water heater is an important task, especially when colder months start creeping up.

What to Know About Water Heater Check-Ups

When it comes to the health of your water heater, there are a few different issues to keep an eye on. These issues can start small, but without proper handling, can become larger problems. Some of the main warning signs include:

  • Not enough hot water- No one should sacrifice the quality of their bath or shower. If you notice your water turning cold quickly, this can be a sign that something isn’t working right with your water heater. Not enough hot water not only impacts your personal hygiene but can also make tasks such as doing the dishes or the laundry that much more difficult.
  • Varying Temperature Issues- Does your water switch from hot to cold without your intervention? These unwarranted shifts in water temperature can be a sign of larger issues ahead. An issue such as this typically only gets worse in time.
  • Leaking- This is a major issue that requires immediate attention. Leaking will cause rust, meaning that your unit will need replacement. Once a water heater starts leaking, it is a sign of a serious internal failure
  • Reduced Water Flow- Taking a shower with little to no water pressure can be miserable. If you’ve noticed changes in your flow rate or pressure, this may indicate a buildup of scale or sediment.
  • Concerning Noises- If your water heater starts to make strange noises such as loud cracks, pops, bangs, gurgles, or even boiling, you should seek help as quickly as possible. These different noises can be clear signs of something not working right within the unit.

Call the Pros at Plumb Doctor for Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Your water heater is an essential element within your home. When it starts underperforming, many aspects of your life suffer. Our team at Plumb Doctor is available to help assess, repair, or even replace your current water heater. Our expert staff can help determine what the issue is and how best it can be handled. Both the age of your water heater as well as any warranty covered parts can help to determine whether a repair or a replacement is in your best interest. Call us today to repair, install, or replace your water system at (317) 306-9343.

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