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Water Filtration Services in Fishers, Indiana

In Fisher, Indiana, the water system is regularly monitored and undergoes frequent testing. This can give local residents peace of mind knowing they have clean water. Yet many have complained that their water does not taste good. For this reason, many local Fishers residents are installing filtration services, in hopes of quelling the unpleasant taste of the city-provided water. Additionally, homeowners with personal wells have also implemented our reliable water filtration systems due to the sheer lack of regulations in place for homeowners with wells.

Water filtration systems and treatments offer Fishers residents better tasting water, free of bacteria, lead, chlorine, and other potentially harmful chemicals. If you have been thinking about installing a filtration system or treating your home’s water, don’t wait! Better tasting water is within your reach and Plumb Doctor can help you get it.

We offer exceptional water filtration systems, such as the reverse osmosis system that can remove any bacteria and viruses found within your water. We can also provide specialty treatments to ensure your water is safe for drinking. The Plumb Doctor team prioritizes the health and safety of our customers. This is why we take pride in offering exceptional water filtration treatments and systems. We even test your water beforehand to determine if there are any abnormal minerals present, unusual Ph levels, and any other contaminants that risk damaging your health and plumbing system.

Exceptional Indianapolis Water Filtration Systems

If after testing your home’s water and unusually high amounts of iron and other undissolved contaminants are discovered, perhaps you might consider installing a whole-home water filtration system. Referred to as POE (point-of-entry) systems, they treat your home’s water before it ever arrives in your glass, bath, or sink. Our water filtration systems function by removing contaminants per 10 and 30 microns. This means you can expect sparkling clean water, safe for drinking, bathing and using worry-free. Plumb Doctor’s expert technicians can seamlessly install your reverse osmosis system, and get you pristine water in no time.

Reverse Osmosis System: How It Works

Plumb Doctor offers this specialized type of water filtration system because it provides clean water up to 500,000 gallons of use (or up to 5 years). The Reverse Osmosis System functions by pre-filtering water to remove any sediment and other large contaminants and forcing water up a semipermeable membrane that removes deteriorating solids and bacteria. It then allows water to pass through a carbon-filtered layer, after which you are able to use it freely without any concern of contaminated substances or unpleasant tasting water.

If you’re looking for more security with your water safety, consider installing a water filtration system or water filtration treatment. Plumb Doctor provides this service so our customers can have the best, cleanest water in Indianapolis. Our team of certified technicians eagerly look forward to servicing your home with exceptional tools to improve your families day-to-day life. For any inquiries about the home installation process and water testing, contact us today or schedule an appointment easily online.

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