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Your home’s kitchen drains, bathroom tubs and sinks, washing machines, floor drains, and showers all produce wastewater that needs to drain away from your home. Indianapolis homeowners don’t want to deal with sewage waste backups and other problems pertaining to their sewer lines. Plumb Doctor knows how to handle these unsanitary issues swiftly; that way your home can be cleaned and free of back-up wastewater and sewage.

Sewage line damage can occur in your home. When it does, call your local Indianapolis plumbing experts—Plumb Doctor. We know the warning signs of clogged sewer lines and can help you catch these issues before they become seriously damaging to your home. For all of your plumbing needs or inquiries, Plumb Doctor provides exceptional plumbing services around the clock. No matter the hour or day, you can feel confident knowing we have your back for all your sewer line issues.

Tell-Tale Signs Your Sewer Lines Are in Need of Repair or Replacing

There are many reasons a sewer line might burst and cause water damage in your commercial or residential property. In some emergency cases, construction work can interfere with sewer lines by breaking a pipe while using heavy machinery, which can cause immediate sewer line issues. In other cases, corrosion, intrusion of tree roots, and forming cracks can cause damage to your sewer lines and potentially break them altogether. Before a catastrophic plumbing issue occurs, Plumb Doctor wants our valued Indianapolis customers to know the tell-tale signs your sewer lines may be in need of repair or replacement:

  • If you begin to smell a foul, boggy smell in your yard, this may be a cause for concern. This is a common symptom of a substantial sewer line break, which may have leaked onto your lawn.
  • Several clogged drains in your home—typically located on the first floor, can be a sign of clogged sewer line.
  • If your basement experiences flooding after the use of a shower, bath or sink with water that has a gray appearance.
  • Backups that continually worsen when running additional water into any faucet or spigot, it is safe to assume that you are dealing with some kind of sewer line issue.

Signs Your Sewer Lines May Be Experiencing Some Issues

It is not uncommon for older homes in the Indianapolis area to have plumbing that can be decades old. In many cases, these older pipes can experience corrosion, cracking, and general wear and tear with age. This often results in issues occurring suddenly. However, you’ve likely experienced smaller plumbing issues without having realized it.

It’s easy to presume that new construction wouldn’t have any risk of plumbing or sewer line problems; yet often many plumbing companies can improperly install your sewer lines, causing damage in your brand new home. Additionally new homes can have landscaping with new trees. Over time, the root systems—if planted too closely to your property—can interfere and damage your sewer lines as well.

Plumb Doctor can repair and replace any sewer line issue you have and continually monitor any recurring problems. We value our loyal customers and take pride in the work we do. If you are in need of a repair or the installation of a brand new top quality sewer line that is sure to last you decades, contact our Fishers Plumb Doctor branch today!

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