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Drain Cleaning & Drain Clog Repair in Fishers, IN.

Clean and functioning drains are what keep your plumbing system fully operational. The drains in your home are what keep excess wastewater, sewage, food waste, and a variety of other materials flowing out of your house. Oftentimes, people don’t give much thought to their drains until a bigger issue arises.

It is not uncommon for your drains and drain lines to begin leaking, become clogged or produce bigger issues when not repaired earlier on. Larger issues, like the appearance of mold and sewage backups, are tell tale signs that your drains are in need of some serious maintenance. Drain blockages can cause unsanitary sewage backups, which typically means expensive drain line repairs. Many of these issues can be prevented by simply scheduling regular maintenance and inspection by a certified plumbing technician. Indianapolis residents need to know that serious and unrepairable damages can happen to your property when not addressed immediately.

Plumb Doctor Specializes in Drain Cleaning & Repair

Our community has reported several recurring drain issues. Plumb Doctor technicians are certified and fully equipped to handle all of them. Whether you are experiencing issues related to your garbage disposal, drain line, clogs, or any other issues pertaining to your home’s plumbing, Plumb Doctor has your back. We service many drain issues:

  • If you turn on your water spigot and water drains very slowly or if you have very weak water pressure, this may be a sign of your faucet aerator not functioning properly. This is a fairly easy repair. However, when not addressed immediately by a licensed professional, it can turn into much larger, more expensive repairs that can arise due to drain line clogs.
  • Clogged toilets, bathtubs, and sinks occur largely due to the fact that hair and other residues can build up overtime, resulting in recurrent clogged utilities. This can be extremely inconvenient, not to mention hazardous if not treated by a professional. Water-stained ceilings, paint bubbling, mold, and more can be signs of a busted pipe due to un-repaired clogged pipes.
  • Kitchens are notorious for clogging issues due to the fact that many people put items down the garbage disposal that are not safe or recommended. Indianapolis residents need to know that using the garbage disposal for food such as coffee grounds, egg shells and bones can result in major disposal clogging issues. Garbage disposal clogs can be easily prevented by only putting safe, disposable materials down the drain.

Drain clogs can result in serious damage to your property. No one wants sewage waste backed up into their living room unnecessarily expensive water bills. Luckily, Plumb Doctor is committed to handling every issue no matter the severity. Our team is equipped with years of plumbing experience to tackle any plumbing related project—big or small. We provide plumbing repair and replacement services to make sure your home is operating as it should be.

Don’t Wait For The Drain Clog to Disappear, Call Plumb Doctor Today!

For expert plumbing services, contact our Fisher, Indiana location to diagnose any plumbing related issue at any time of day or night. Plumb Doctor knows that emergencies happen, and that is why we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring you have a reliable plumbing expert available no matter the circumstance. Schedule your appointment online today.

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