When the faucet drips, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have your drains repaired. It could very well be a faulty faucet. That’s why we come in to look at your plumbing and diagnose where your problem is coming from. We don’t ever want to make you pay for something that you don’t need. Fixing or replacing a faucet is a very painless job to have done. 

Reasons Why Your Faucet May Be Dripping: 


Worn out Cartridge – Cartridges are an intrinsic part of faucets. Constant usage and accumulated sediment inside the assembly can cause the cartridge to wear out.


Worn out Seat - A seat serves as a connection between the water supply and cartridge. Constant usage and accumulated water sediments can cause the seat to corrode leading to your faucet to start leaking.

We are your local Indianapolis 24-hour plumbing company. We can install, repair, and replace any faucet issue you may have.

DIY TIP:  Faucet Parts Explained


Gaskets – Sometimes called O-rings, are a rubber or metal material that seals the faucet so no water can escape.

Escutcheons and Flanges – The instrument that covers the pipe behind the faucet.

Aerators and Adaptors – The mechanism that adjusts the flow of the water.

Handles/Levers – The device to turn the water on and off. The handles/levers dictate what the aerators and adaptors do.

Washers – They are what connects the faucet to the aerator.