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Carmel, Indiana Water Heater Repair, Installation, and Replacement

Access to hot water is a fundamental part of modern life, including the upkeep of your home or business. From taps and showers to dishwashers, clothes washers and more, hot water is used for a variety of purposes throughout any building. That’s why issues with your water heater are such an inconvenience: without an effective water heater, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and more are simply not possible.

Unfortunately, as with many other areas of plumbing, water heaters often go unnoticed—and without essential repairs or maintenance—until an issue arises. When you wait too long to get your water heater repaired or serviced, you may experience additional headaches down the road. Scheduling regular inspections and timely repairs for your water heater’s health is essential to keeping it working properly for as long as possible.

The team at Plumb Doctor in Carmel, Indiana understands just how important your water heater is to your everyday life—that’s why we specialize in both standard and tankless water heaters. If you are experiencing water heater issues, contact us immediately to schedule service and get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Signs that Your Hot Water Heater Might Need Professional Attention

It can be difficult to determine when your water heater needs maintenance unless a drastic issue occurs. When in doubt, it’s always a safe bet to contact a professional plumber to inspect your water heater and take any necessary steps. However, watch for these signs that can indicate a problem with your water heater:

  1. Less Hot Water or No Hot Water

One sure sign that your water heater is not working correctly is if you are experiencing cool water or even no hot water at all. Similarly, limited hot water can indicate a need for repairs.

  1. Rusty or Cloudy Water

Another warning sign your water heater may need repair or replacement is if your water begins to turn a rusty or cloudy color. Minerals, sediment, and other residue can build up over time and affect how efficiently your water heater works. The presence of rust is a red flag that can indicate damage to your water heater tank.

  1. Odd Noises

    If you are hearing odd bubbling or popping noises coming from your water heater, then it may indicate your water heater is in need of replacement. Excess sediment can gather at the bottom of the tank, causing strange noises when water bubbles above it.

  2. Leaks

Leaks are a serious issue that can arise from a faulty water heater. A leak may indicate that something is wrong with the valve or pressure mechanism in your hot water heater. Leaks from the tank can quickly cause puddling or flooding that can damage your property.

Choose Plumb Doctor for Your Water Heater Needs

At Plumb Doctor, we know just how crucial a water heater truly can be to a home or business. Without a working water heater, everyday tasks become much more difficult. Whether you’ve noticed a leak, a lack of hot water, or something else, our Carmel, Indiana plumbers can repair your water heater or install a new, efficient, tankless model. Contact us online today.

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