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Expert Water Filtration Services in Carmel, Indiana

Indiana is known for its hard water, primarily due to the surrounding rocks and minerals that find their way into our water supply. Because of this excess of mineral buildup and sediment, many Carmel, Indiana residents opt for water filtration systems to battle the hard water and preserve their plumbing components.

Plumb Doctor can install a variety of water filtration elements, from reverse osmosis filtration to water softeners. Water softeners help mitigate mineral and sediment through an ion exchange, improving the way water interacts with your hair, skin, fixtures, dishes, and more. Filtering your water can help water taste better, prevent damage to your plumbing accessories and pipes by eliminating buildup, and even helps reduce your water bills. If you’re interested in water filtration in Carmel, Indiana, contact Plumb Doctor for more information.

Signs that Your Home or Business Has Hard Water

Many people experience the daily effects of hard water without realizing hard water is responsible for causing the issue. Fortunately, once you’ve identified the culprit, hard water is simple to manage with a filtration system from Plumb Doctor. Here are some signs that you are experiencing hard water and should consider a water filtration system:

Consistent Problems with Appliances: One sure sign of hard water is consistent trouble with appliances, or appliances that no longer seem to work efficiently. Hard water can cause sediment buildup and clogs that affect how appliances like dishwashers and washing machines work. If you notice frequent blockages, hard water may be to blame.

Increasing Utility Bills: Hard water can often make the rest of your plumbing system work harder too. If your appliances can’t drain correctly or must run for longer periods of time, your energy bill will increase. If you are noticing an uptick in your utility bills that does not correspond with an increase in use, hard water may be the culprit.

Rough, Brittle, or Breaking Hair: Many people experience the effects of hard water in the showers without realizing the cause. Hard water can cause hair to become brittle or even break, resulting in damage. If you notice damage to your hair, difficulty lathering or rinsing shampoo, or grimy buildup, hard water might be the problem.

Spots on Clean Dishes or Silverware: If you consistently feel like your dishware is dirty after a wash cycle, hard water is likely to blame. Water spots are often an indicator that hard water is being used in the wash. These spots occur when water evaporates and leaves behind mineral buildup—you may also notice spots on kitchen and bath fixtures.

Contact Plumb Doctor for All Your Water Filtration Needs

Carmel, Indiana is no stranger to hard water—but you don’t have to settle for poor-tasting, buildup-prone hard water in your home or business. Whether you’re looking to install a basic water softener or a luxury reverse osmosis water filtration system, the team at Plumb Doctor has you covered. Contact us online for more information.

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