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Sewer & Drain Line Camera Inspections in Indianapolis

When you consider the damage that can occur when your sewer line is unhealthy – backups, floods, leaks, and more – it’s clear that addressing sewer line issues the moment they occur is essential. In fact, sewer line issues resulting in sewage backing up into your home can negatively affect your health, damage your property, and cost you money.

When you suspect an issue within your Indianapolis sewer line, your first step is to seek a proper diagnosis. With the right information in hand, you can move forward with sewer line cleaning, clog dissolution, sewer line repair, or even a sewer line replacement. Fortunately, today’s advanced camera technology allows your plumber an expansive view inside your sewer line to diagnose your sewer issue without the need to dig.

For top-of-the-line sewer line camera inspections and camera scopes, Indianapolis homeowners trust the professionals at Plumb Doctor. Call (317) 306-9343 or request an appointment online.

How Do Sewer Line Cameras Work?

A sewer line camera is a high resolution, waterproof camera attached to a thin rod. The entirety of the sewer line camera assembly is very flexible, allowing it to travel through all the various curves and corners of your drain and sewer lines, and navigate pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter. The camera transmits live video feedback to the technician, allowing a view of your sewer line even in areas under concrete or under the foundation of your home.

When your technician arrives at your home, they will feed the camera into a drain line and navigate it through your pipe and into the sewer line using a small motor contained within the camera’s cable. With the help of the live video feed, the technician will be able to visually identify the source of your sewer line issues. With the knowledge supplied by the sewer line camera, the technician can make an accurate recommendation to repair any damage.

When Should You Utilize Sewer Line Camera Inspections?

As mentioned above, most Indianapolis homeowners request sewer line inspections when they’ve noticed a potential issue within their sewer line. For example, if you’ve recently noticed foul-smelling water on your lawn, experience frequent drain issues, or have experienced a full-fledged sewer backup into your home, a sewer line camera can identify the source of the problem. In addition, if you’ve received unusually high water bills, you may want to schedule a sewer line camera inspection to rule out any leaks.

If you’re considering buying a home in Indianapolis, you’ll want to schedule a sewer line camera inspection to assess the health of your potential property’s sewer line and drain lines. Such an inspection is often overlooked during a standard home inspection but can leave you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all you can about your new home’s sewer line and drains.

Choose Plumb Doctor for Your Sewer & Drain Line Camera Inspections

Whether you’re experiencing sewer line issues, purchasing a new home, or simply want to assess the health of your home’s drain and sewer lines, Indianapolis homeowners rely on Plumb Doctor to handle their sewer needs. Our trained, licensed, and insured technicians will arrive on-site as soon as possible, diagnose your issue, and develop an effective plan to address it  – leaving you with a clear, healthy sewer line. To schedule a sewer line camera inspection, call (317) 306-9343 or contact us online today.

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