Water softeners work to eliminate the minerals in water that are responsible for what is termed water hardness.

Hard water, while not necessarily unhealthy, causes many problems for equipment that uses it. The minerals build up inside tubing and pipes and will eventually clog these conduits. You'll typically notice this first in machines that use the smallest tubes, such as coffee makers and dishwashers. Minerals also make it far harder for your soaps and detergents to do their jobs. You'll end up using more soap for worse results.

Municipal water, such as that in Indianapolis, isn't immune to these problems.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Water is only treated for safety rather than hardness.

  2. The other main reason is that the water can pick up minerals from the pipes as it goes from the treatment plant to your house.

In many cities, pipes are made of iron or similar metals, and this material leaches into the water as it travels. In a big city like Indianapolis, the water may travel for miles before it reaches you.

If you live far enough from the actual city to be on well water, you can also suffer from hard water. Therefore, you should still be on the lookout if your water comes right from the ground.

Are Your Plumbing Fixtures Looking Like This? Might Be Time For A Water Softener!

Are Your Plumbing Fixtures Looking Like This? Might Be Time For A Water Softener!

If you find discoloration building up in your sinks and other plumbing fixtures, see or feel a ring of texture around your drains, or have trouble keeping your coffee makers running, you need water softening. Just give us a call here at Plumb Doctor and we'll be glad to help you find the perfect solution.

At your appointment, we'll recommend the best water softener, show you exactly how it'll make your life easier and help your plumbing, and of course, install the one you choose. Soon, you'll be enjoying cleaner plumbing fixtures, better results from your dishwasher and clothes washer, and longer-lasting appliances. Contact us today to get started. 317-306-9343