Why You Should Use a Water Softener

Here at Plumb Doctor, we strongly advocate everyone using a water softener! Soft water will make your appliances last longer and your skin healthier!

Battelle institute did a study in 2009 on the effects of hard and soft water on different appliances. Pictured above is a faucet strainer after 30 days of running each type of water. Clearly the image on the left has significantly less build up!

If hard water can have that effect on your appliances, imagine what it is doing to your skin! Hard water makes it extremely difficult to remove soap and detergent from your skin.  If soaps and detergents do not get removed from your skin it causes your pores to clog with dirt and oil. Hard water can cause acne and dry flaky skin.  

There is a higher sodium content in soft water which can help dissolve metals that are toxic to our bodies such as lead and cadmium. Soft water is essential to the lifespan of your home appliances and your health!

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