Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is here and in full affect. Although your pipes won’t freeze up during the summer months like it does in winter, summer brings with it some of its own problems to lookout for. We have some summer plumbing tips to help you have as little plumbing troubles as possible this summer.


Whether it is turning on the sprinkler system or watering the flowers in the front yard, it is essential to do your watering either in the morning or when the sun is about to set. If you water your lawn and flowers during the middle of the day, the heat will evaporate most of the water. Consequently, wasting most of the water that you use.


When having your summer cookouts, remember to scrape the leftover foods into the trash. You don’t want to accidently put a chicken bone down the disposal and break or clog it. A simple solution to avoid this problem, use paper plates for everybody at these summer cookouts so you can just throw away all the trash at the end. This also avoids a load of dirty dishes you don’t have to deal with anymore. It’s a win-win!


During the summer months, it rains more often than the colder months. When the heavy rain comes, the water can seep into the ground and find its way through some crack of the sewer line and back it up. Also roots of trees tend to grow more during the summer months and can invade sewer lines causing cracks or even break all the way through. You will have to call us if that happens!


This happens more than you think it would. When mowing your lawn, be aware of where your sprinkler heads are and make sure they are lower. If it is sticking out the slightest bit, you can say bye to that sprinkler head. A broken sprinkler head wastes water and that piece of your yard won’t be watered properly. It could also damage your lawn mower depending on how strong your sprinkler heads are.


A common mistake people make is they treat the toilet like an extra trash can. Toilet paper is specially made to dissolve quickly so it doesn’t clog drains. Everything else extra flushed down the toilet is like politely asking your drains to clog up. A tip to help you from making that mistake is to put a trash can in the bathroom.

If you have any problems that requires a professional, we are a full service plumbing company that is open 24 hours a day. We would be glad to come over and give a free quote for any of your plumbing problems that you may need.