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Why You Need a Bidet

Why You Need a Bidet

There are numerous appliances and gadgets available to make our modern lives easier. In the kitchen, you have the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Your living room, meanwhile, might be prowled by an automated vacuuming robot or lit by voice-activated smart bulbs. And in the bathroom… you have the bidet.

The bidet has long been used around the world for better cleaning and saving on toilet paper use. Over the years, more Americans have come to embrace this easy addition to any toilet system. A bidet is cleaner and more efficient than traditional wiping. If you still haven’t experienced the benefits of a bidet, you are missing out.

What Is a Bidet?

A bidet is a specialized fixture that can be added to your toilet. It is typically connected to your hot water supply and controlled by dials that adjust for angle and pressure. This provides a clean, targeted stream of water that gently cleans up even the worst messes. Using a bidet can provide a cleaner experience than toilet paper alone. Many homeowners also notice a reduction in toilet paper use after installing a bidet.

Finding the Right Bidet for You 

Bidets come in a wide range of styles. The most user-friendly simply installs under your toilet seat cover. It features a hygienic nozzle that extends on demand, retreating and self-cleaning when not in use. You can upgrade your system to include integrated water heating and other advanced features.

Experience the Difference

A bidet is a life-changing bathroom accessory. It provides reliable personal cleaning and helps to cut down on toilet paper consumption. It can also help to prevent non-flushable items from making their way into your sewer system. In many instances, bidets can be installed by the homeowner with little issue. However, if your system is older, you may need to replace certain parts to ensure all pieces will fit and work together. You may also want to seek professional assistance if you’re looking to install a higher end, fully featured bidet. When it comes to installing new plumbing fixtures, the professionals at Plumb Doctor are ready to assist. Contact us to learn more today.