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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Kitchen’s Garbage Disposal

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Kitchen’s Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal is an important part of your daily routine. It helps keep your kitchen clean and tidy by disposing of food waste quickly and easily. It’s also a vital part of your home’s plumbing system. If not properly maintained, it can clog up and cause major problems.

There are a few dos and don’ts that can help keep your garbage disposal running effectively and efficiently.


  • Always run cold or cool water while the disposal is running. This helps to flush the food waste down the drain and keeps the disposal running smoothly. Not using water can cause the blades to overheat and burn out.
  • Clean the garbage disposal regularly with vinegar, baking soda, or citrus peels to help keep the disposal clean and free of food build-up.
  • Run the disposal frequently: This will help keep the blades sharp and prevent food build-up.


  • Never put stringy, fibrous, or starchy waste into your garbage disposal. These items can get caught in the blades and cause them to jam or even break.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaners. These are caustic chemicals that can damage the disposal and pipes over time.
  • Never put anything down the disposal that isn’t food waste. This includes grease, oil, plastics, and paper products. These can all cause the blades to get clogged and prevent the disposal from working properly.

If you follow these do’s and don’ts, your garbage disposal should stay in good working order for years to come.

When to Call a Professional

However, if you find that your disposal is not working properly or if it’s clogged and you can’t fix it yourself, please contact a professional plumber for assistance. The team at Plumb Doctor are experts in all things plumbing, and they can help get your disposal back up and running in no time.