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Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Common Winter Plumbing Problems

With each season, homeowners are at an increased risk of different plumbing problems. Now that the winter months have arrived, there are a few plumbing concerns that you should stay on the lookout for. 

The Top 3 Winter Plumbing Problems

1. Frozen Pipes (Outdoors and Indoors)

During the winter, both your outdoor and indoor pipes are at risk of freezing. 

Outdoor water lines that haven’t been winterized are more likely to freeze than pipes that have been properly treated, prior to the temperature dropping. These water lines often go unused during the winter as well, making them more prone to freezing and bursting. When pipes burst, this can lead to serious (and often costly) water damage.

However, pipes inside your property can also freeze during the colder months. In particular, pipes that are located along exterior walls or within uninsulated areas are at the highest risk of becoming frozen, leading to cracking and bursting.

2. Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are frequently under increased stress during the winter. This could even occur due to a higher prevalence of guests around the holidays. Sometimes, a water heater may be unable to keep up with the demand. Your water heater might be unable to deliver hot water to your home – leading to repairs or replacement becoming necessary. 

3. Frozen Septic Lines

Your septic tank and lines can also freeze during the winter. If your septic lines aren’t adequately protected by soil, then they are even more vulnerable to freezing when the temperature is low. In severe cases, this can lead a property’s drainage system to stop working. The system can also become backed up and sewage leaks can form, leading to contamination of the water supply and other kinds of damage.

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