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Can Calling a Plumber Right Away Actually Save You Money

Can Calling a Plumber Right Away Actually Save You Money

Your faucet is leaking into your cabinets. Your septic system is backed up and about to cause a situation in the basement. A pump isn’t pumping, your shower isn’t showering, or your toilet….you get the picture. In these situations, homeowners may be tempted to grab their toolbox and hit Google, but does doing your own plumbing actually save money?

Hidden Costs of DIY

Do-it-yourself plumbing fixes are attractive to homeowners because they don’t require making an appointment or allowing a stranger into your home. Best of all, not paying for skilled labor appears to be a huge money saver… but is it?

Plumbing Jobs Require Very Specific Tools

Consider what you need just for routine maintenance like clearing a clogged drain line. If you don’t have rubber boots, gloves, safety goggles, and a respirator, you’re going to want all of that first (trust me). Next, we’ll have to get a drain snake. Even the simplest type — a length of flexible metal you work into a drain by hand — can cost over $50 for a quality unit.

You’ll probably also want a drain camera so you can see where the blockage is occurring, and check whether you’ve cleared it. Most interface with a phone or tablet, but if you want a model with a dedicated display (a good idea to keep your phone away from the mess) you’re looking at another $75 to $100, even for a low-end model. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars and still have an unpleasant task ahead of you.

Your Time Is Valuable

Getting work done without paying a professional’s rate seems like a win… but are you undervaluing your time?

Several hours reading and watching videos… more time shopping and ordering parts… possibly days spent doing the job… and you’re still left with work done by an amateur Quality plumbing costs money, but an experienced plumber might take a single morning to do a job that would waste your whole weekend. Even if you value your own time at minimum wage, it doesn’t really work out in your favor.

Quality, Dependable Work From Professionals

When you pay for professional plumbing, you’re buying peace of mind. Do you really want to stay up listening for drips from the bathroom, or worrying you’ll wake up to a wet kitchen? Worse yet is when you spend time and money, then call a plumber anyway because things don’t go as planned. You end up with an even bigger bill because the professional has to spend additional time undoing the work you attempted.

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