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What Causes Water Line Leaks

What Causes Water Line Leaks

Water line leaks can be unpredictable and create a great amount of damage at the same time. It can be even more damaging when it happens underground, and the consequences aren’t realized at first. A variety of different factors can cause water line leaks, which is why it’s important to know about them and keep an eye out for them:

1. Freezing and Thawing Ground

One reason a water line may leak is due to quickly changing weather conditions around it. Though water lines are supposed to be built to handle changing conditions, quickly freezing and thawing ground can especially affect older pipes and cause them to leak or burst.

2. Poor Installation 

Another reason a water line can start leaking is due to poor installation. This is always unfortunate because it is not the property owner’s fault, but they often have to deal with the consequences of a lousy installation.

3. Rapid Change in Pressure 

Quick changes in hydraulic pressure can also cause leaks in water lines. Unfortunately, many of these lines were not created to handle quick bursts of extreme pressure and if that happens, they can break or burst easily.

4. Old Pipes

The age of your water line also has a lot to do with the causes of it leaking. Whether old age was the reason that the pipe couldn’t handle specific problems or that it has just succumbed to wear and tear over the years, old pipes are one of the most common causes of water line leaks.

Professional Water Line Repair

No matter what the cause may be, a broken or burst water line is never good. Here at Plumb Doctor, we are experienced in water line repair, replacement, and installation. Don’t let your water line leak go without professional help and contact us ASAP to see how we can help you with your plumbing problems.