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When Should I Replace My Old Plumbing

When Should I Replace My Old Plumbing

As much as we wish this wasn’t the case, our plumbing systems are far from invincible. Each and every plumbing system is going to need a replacement, at some point — because repairs can only do so much. Especially if you are the owner of an older property, there’s a chance that your plumbing could be outdated. The elements can take a serious toll on the functionality of pipes over time.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Plumbing

Whenever possible, consider having your plumbing replaced, before you experience a catastrophe. You don’t need to undergo a serious issue, such as sewage flowing into your home, to know that it’s time to replace your plumbing system. For your own sake, it’s best to handle this issue, preemptively.

You’re Seeing Water Discoloration

Have you begun to see brownish or dark water? This is a huge red flag of an impending issue with your pipes. Discolored water can indicate the formation of rust or corrosion in your pipes. If you opt not to address this problem, then mineral deposits could end up clogging your pipes. At this point, the situation becomes far more severe (and costly). If your pipes remain under pressure due to a clog, then it’s likely that they will burst. Rust and corrosion in your pipes is an issue that will require attention from a plumber, as soon as possible.

You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be a sign of a number of severe problems with your pipes. For instance, there could be a large clog in your plumbing. Alternatively, there might be pinholes in your pipes, leading to leaks that reduce water pressure. Leaky pipes can cause a significant amount of damage to your property, even going so far as to damage your home’s foundation. If you’d like to avoid mold growth or wood rot before it occurs, then contact a plumber if your water pressure has dropped.

These are far from the only signs of pipes in need of replacing, although they are common ones. If your plumbing needs to be replaced in the Indianapolis area, then turn to the team at Plumb Doctor, as soon as possible. To get started, simply contact us through our website.