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Is It Time to Get a New Toilet

Is It Time to Get a New Toilet

No toilet lasts forever, as much as we wish that they would. Having to replace a toilet is an experience that most people would like to avoid, if possible. However, sometimes, this is the most practical and financially sound decision to make. After all, if you’re currently spending money on frequent toilet repairs, then the cost could quickly add up to more than the cost of a replacement.

Not only are toilet issues expensive, but they’re also extremely inconvenient. It’s never fun to have your toilet out of order.

Before your toilet starts to go downhill and constant repairs become necessary, how do you know if it’s time for a replacement? Here are a few factors for you to consider.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Toilet

1. Your Toilet Is Over 25 Years Old

Although older toilets may still function, they can also suffer from significant inefficiency. This will only worsen over time. Plus, older toilets are most likely going to be using far more water than modern toilets. This will only add to your water bill. Prior to the Energy Policy Act of 1992, an average toilet flushed over twice as much water as toilets installed after this act.

 2. Your Toilet’s Tank Is Cracked

If there’s a crack in the tank of your toilet, then you’re going to be losing water. Have you recently started to see puddles forming at the base of your toilet? If that’s the case, then your tank could be cracked. Cracks higher up on the tank can sometimes be fixed with repairs — however, if the crack is beneath the waterline of your toilet, then a replacement is probably the best course of action.

3. Your Toilet Is Frequently Clogging

 While it’s normal for a toilet to clog on occasion, clogs that seem to occur nearly every day are cause for concern. This is an indicator that it could be time to replace your toilet.

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