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5 Reasons to Call a Plumber ASAP

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber ASAP

We all know it’s time to call the plumber when the toilet is clogged, and you’ve already tried everything—plunging, hot water, plunging some more—to no avail. You can also be reasonably certain you should call a plumber if a pipe breaks and starts flooding your home. However, there are some other reasons you should call a plumber that are not so apparent. 

  • Leaky Pipes

While leaky pipes can be easy to ignore, especially if the leak is small, the truth is that even a small leak can be an indicator that a pipe is on the verge of bursting. Even if the pipe doesn’t burst, a steadily leaking pipe left unattended can significantly raise your water bill. 

  • Continuously Running Toilets 

If you can hear water running in your toilet long after it has been flushed, it means the seals connecting the tank to the toilet bowl aren’t working properly, which prevents the water from shutting off. Running toilets are a leading cause of high water bills. 

  • Slow Drains

If your sinks, shower, and other drains take a long time to drain, a simple drain cleaning solution could do the trick. However, if you’re already tried pouring drain cleaner or boiling water down the drain, and it hasn’t solved the problem, you may need an experienced plumber. 

  • Water in the Basement

If you notice water pooling on the basement floor and cannot pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from, you should call a plumber before the problem worsens and causes lasting damage. A plumber can usually determine the source of the water and resolve the issue. 

Letting plumbing issues go unresolved can increase your water bill over time and cause serious or permanent damage to your home. An experienced plumber can quickly diagnose and fix the problem, saving you money and preventing future problems. Contact Plumb Doctor today.