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Why You Should Have a Sewer Line Inspection Before Buying a Home

Why You Should Have a Sewer Line Inspection Before Buying a Home

Many potential buyers have a general home inspection done before deciding to buy, but fewer think to have a sewer line inspection done, too. While home inspectors report on general home components and estimate the roof’s lifespan, overall framing structure, electrical, and basic plumbing, a general home inspector cannot determine whether the house has a healthy sewage system. This is because most of it is underground and requires specialized tools and skills to inspect properly. 

Why Is It Important to Have a Sewer Line Inspection Before Buying?           

The sewer lines are an extension of a home’s plumbing system, and if a sewer line gets backed up right after you buy a house, someone has to pay for it. While sewer line inspections are relatively cheap, sewer line repairs can be costly. There is no such thing as a standard price for a sewer line repair. It all depends on what kind of damage or blockage is occurring and where it is. Repairs could range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to send a snake through to clear a line or a couple thousand to excavate the entire yard and replace the pipes altogether. 

What to Do If There Is a Blockage

So, you spent the $200-$300 on a camera inspection of the sewer lines of your potential future property, and they discover a blockage. What do you do next? 

Your sewer line inspector will determine what kind of problem it is and whether the blockage occurs within your property line or in the public jurisdiction. If the blockage is within public jurisdiction, it is time to get the authorities involved. If the blockage occurs within your property line, you should consider opening negotiations with the seller. At this point, you can bring both parties together and discuss repair costs and options. If the inspection finds a serious problem and the owner is unwilling to negotiate and share repair costs, you may want to abandon the property. 

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