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Plumbing Problems to Avoid This Spring

Plumbing Problems to Avoid This Spring

It may feel hard to believe, but Spring is just around the corner. Before you know it the weather will warm, the snow will melt, and the flowers will start to bloom. While Spring can bring out the beauty around us, it can also reveal potential damages our plumbing faced during the colder months. Knowing what to look out for can help give you a jump on any spring plumbing concerns.

What Should I Look For? 

Between hosting holiday events, having the kids home on break, and simply being home more, our drains can take a beating in the winter months. Clogged drains are fairly common as we enter the spring months. With all the extra food scraps, grease, hair, and all the other unsavory things we don’t want to think about, you may have noticed a backup in your drainage. If snaking your system doesn’t quite cut it, your local plumbing can help get your drain system back in shape.

You also may start to notice leaky or cracked pipes. The good news is that your pipes didn’t burst, but they still may need some extra attention. If you notice that your water pressure seems low, this is another sign that your plumbing may have been damaged. If you notice a spike in your water bill, or any obvious damage, it is important to get a plumber in sooner than later.

Don’t Forget to Check Outside

You’ll also want to take the time to check your outdoor hose bibs. When you’re ready to plant those beautiful Spring flowers, you’ll want to make sure that you can still water them with ease.

Call Plumb Doctor for Preventative Plumbing Care

Spring is such a relief following those long winter months. If you notice any of these potential issues, please don’t hesitate to give Plumb Doctor a call.