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The Essential Winter Plumbing Checklist

The Essential Winter Plumbing Checklist

Winter can be one of the most destructive seasons of the year when it comes to plumbing. As the temperatures in Indianapolis, Indiana decrease, the risk of bursting pipes increases. When water inside your plumbing system freezes, it expands to the point of causing your pipes to rupture. As that same water thaws, it leaks from your pipes and leads to water damage in your home, along with increased utility bills and the need for costly repairs. That’s why there are few things every Indianapolis homeowner should keep on their to-do list this winter:

  1. Store Any Outdoor Hoses

Not only can the cold temperatures be destructive to the hose itself, but they also cause any water gathered around the spigot to freeze, causing damage to your outdoor plumbing system.

  1. Flush Out All Water Leading Outdoors

After storing your hoses, the next step should involve shutting off the valve that diverts water to the exterior of your house and flushing the pipes. This is where your pipes are most vulnerable to freezing temperatures — by removing the water, you mitigate the risk of burst pipes.

  1. Check on Your Sump Pump

The purpose of your sump pump is to divert excess water from your home, preventing expensive structural damage. As any accumulated snow and ice thaw out, your sump pump will have to work extra hard to pump away all the water. Make sure the sump pump has also been checked recently to ensure it doesn’t stop functioning when you need it most.

These are all great steps homeowners can take to prevent plumbing accidents in the winter. However, if items like the sump pump have not been maintained recently, or you have other plumbing concerns, it’s critical to have access to a professional who can assist with preventative services and handle any problems that might come up. At Plumb Doctor, we have extensive experience dealing with all sorts of winter plumbing issues. For assistance from one of our expert technicians, simply contact us via our online form, or give us a call at 317-306-9343.