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A Water Softener System Is Worth the Investment

A Water Softener System Is Worth the Investment

If you have hard water in your home, it can be an expensive problem. The dissolved minerals in your water can build up in your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances and cause them to wear out much sooner than they should. A water softener can remove these minerals through an ion-exchange process that makes your water better for your home. Consider these reasons that a water softener system may be right for you.

  • Cleaning is easier. If you have hard water, you likely spend a great deal of time cleaning up lime build-up and soap scum from your fixtures. You may also have to re-wash dishes and laundry multiple times. A water softener can take this burden off your hands.
  • Cloudy dishes. A water softener gets to the root of the problem and removes minerals that cause cloudy, dirty-looking dishes before the water even makes it to your dishwasher.
  • Clean bright clothes. Hard water can stain your clothes and cause colors to fade, but a water softener keeps them looking bright. Soft water also does a better overall job of cleaning your clothes because it can penetrate the fabric more easily.
  • Hair and skin are softer. Hard water makes your hair dry and brittle and has negative effects on your skin. When you bathe with soft water, however, your skin holds moisture more easily, and your hair’s pH levels are more balanced.
  • Monetary savings. With soft water, your fixtures, appliances, and plumbing will last longer, so you will spend less money on repairs and replacement. It also requires less energy to keep the water hot or cold, so you see savings on your utility bills.

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