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Protecting Your Plumbing Against Expensive Winter Leaks

Protecting Your Plumbing Against Expensive Winter Leaks

Winter comes to Indianapolis neighborhoods every year, and with it come a host of potential problems for homeowners. The colder temperatures require you to keep your furnace running smoothly, while the precipitation outside will have to be salted or shoveled off of sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. One responsibility that many people forget is protecting their pipes. In the winter, temperatures drop low enough for water to freeze. This includes the water that is currently sitting in your pipes whenever your plumbing fixtures aren’t being used. When the pipes freeze, they can burst open, risking massive amounts of water damage to your home.

Water may not seem like such a concern. After all, it’s not likely to leave any sort of sticky residue, nor is it inherently toxic or noxious. However, not only is water damage incredibly expensive and difficult to deal with, it can present a very real danger to your family. If the leak occurs in proximity to any elements of your electrical system, it could start a fire. Another possibility is for the newly dampened areas of your home to start growing mold, which is a safety hazard. Depending on the quantity and the type, mold can even be deadly. If the leak occurs in areas that provide structural support to your home, it could be damaged irreparably, endangering the integrity of your home.

In order to protect your plumbing, it is critical to invest in pipe insulation. Insulation is affordable and extremely effective in keeping your pipes from freezing on the coldest of nights. It is also extremely simple to install. As an added precaution, you can schedule a plumber from a trusted, local business, like Plumb Doctor to assess the current state of your pipes and expose any weak areas that might be more prone to bursting. A plumber can also help you isolate any pipes that feed into an outdoor plumbing system, such as the ones that lead to a garden hose, and drain them to ensure they’re not at risk.

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