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3 Tips to Avoid Any Plumbing Emergencies Over the Winter Holidays

3 Tips to Avoid Any Plumbing Emergencies Over the Winter Holidays

Winter is the time of year when most Indianapolis families gather to celebrate the holidays. While this is certainly a joyous occasion, it can also have unwanted effects on your plumbing. The last thing you want to deal with while spending time with your family is a foul-smelling clog in your kitchen pipes. Unfortunately, kitchens are often the location of all sorts of plumbing related problems when guests come around.

That’s why our team at Plumb Doctor has put together a few tips to keep the celebrations free of any plumbing emergencies this winter:

Avoid pouring grease down the drain

With the amount of cooking that happens over the holidays, it can be tempting to take a few shortcuts in the kitchen and do things you usually would never do, such as pour out all of your excess grease and oil down the kitchen sink. Once it cools, however, it becomes completely solid, creating a firm blockage in your pipes.

Avoid putting tough, fibrous foods or bones into your garbage disposal

The garbage disposal is not equipped to handle all food waste equally. If your leftovers are too tough or fibrous, they can actually cause permanent damage to the blades, preventing your garbage disposal from working properly in the future.

Stick to cold water when flushing items through your garbage disposal

It’s relatively common knowledge amongst Indianapolis households that water is necessary to help push food waste through the garbage disposal system smoothly, however using cold water is key. Hot water will liquify any traces of grease, allowing them to easily run down your disposal and into your pipes, solidifying further down.

Even if you follow the above tips adamantly, it’s possible your guests might not. If you find yourself dealing with any plumbing emergencies over the holidays, there’s no need to panic. Plumb Doctor is available 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week. Simply give us a call at 317-306-9343 to get started.