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Plumbing “Secrets”

Plumbing “Secrets”

The other day we came across an article titled “What Plumbing Companies Don’t Want You to Know.” It got us thinking about why plumbing companies would keep secrets from their clients and what we here at Plumb Doctor DO want you to know! In response, we spoke with each of our experienced, knowledgeable plumbers and asked them one simple question: 

“If you could tell all homeowners ONE thing that you think they should know about their plumbing, what would it be?”

Here are their answers:

“Consider having a plumber over before buying a home so they can scope the underground drain system with a camera to check for roots, collapses, and other issues that aren’t visible to home inspectors. This is called a sewer scope or sewer line camera inspection. Having this simple check done could save you tens of thousands.”

“Know where your main shutoff is and label it in case you aren’t the one home when you have a leak! Your main shut off will typically be in the basement (if applicable) or on the outside wall in the utility room. If you ever need to shut off the valve turn it clockwise and it will shut off the water to the entire home. “

“Read your meter. If your water bill seems to be higher than normal for no reason, shut off all fixtures, including the valve on your hot water tank. If the numbers on your meter keep moving, call Plumb Doctor, you might have sprung a hidden leak inside a wall or under the floor.”

“No putting bricks in your toilet tank. There is a myth out there stating if you put a brick in your toilet tank you can save water. This is untrue and can cause your toilet to not flush properly. You should refrain from putting anything in the tank including liquid drain cleaners, detergents, and soaps. These will eat away at the pipes.“

“Do not trust the “flushable” label. Unfortunately, there are items out there that say they can be flushed down the toilet. This could not be further from the truth. These items do not break down like toilet paper does and can come back to haunt you later with clogged and/or damaged pipes.”

“Do not pour grease or fats down your kitchen sink drains, not even in the garbage disposal side while running hot water. Pouring oils down your drain while running water only pushes it further down the drain to harden up. Greases and fats can become extremely hard and can result in minor to major plumbing issues later. Instead, consider pouring it into an old can or bowl. “

“Don’t ignore drips and running toilets. Small drips can waste over eight gallons of water a day, and a continuously running toilet can waste more than 200 gallons of water, daily. If you ignore them, you will have a costly water bill coming up.”

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