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 24-hour Plumbing emergencies can appear out of nowhere. If you do not have regular plumbing inspections, minor problems can turn disastrous in a moment’s notice. Especially in the colder months, there are always possibilities of frozen pipes, gas leaks, and sewage problems. When a plumbing emergency hits, there is an immense difference between reacting right away and having to research what to do. It is important to be fully educated in what the appropriate steps are to minimize the damages. Here is what you should do!

Turn Off Water

You should always know where the main water shut off valve is. During a plumbing emergency, your number one priority should be to disable the water in the house. This will stop the water flow in the house. With no water running in the house, you can relax a bit while you figure out what the problem is. If your problem is coming from a specific fixture, you can stop the flow for just that fixture. The safe choice is to turn off the main water valve.

Shut Off Water Heater

When you turn off the water to the house, pressure can build up inside the water heater. If the pressure becomes too much for the water heater, it could erupt. That outcome would cause another set of problems for you to handle. After turning off the water to your house, you should turn off your water heater as well.

Open Spigots Outside House

Opening up the spigots outside your home will allow your pipes to drain out all of the water that was mid-flow. If you do not do this, the water could ultimately flood out inside of your home. There is a saying that goes “better outside than in.”

Stop Discovered Leaks

Even after you turn off the water to the house, there will be leftover water that will still leak out. You will want to cover the leak with tape, plumber’s putty, towels, or even place a bucket under the leak.

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