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A garbage disposal unit is really a neat thing to have in your home. It really makes life much better. There are no clogged kitchen drains and things are pretty much manageable. Garbage disposal unit really makes life so much easy as far as getting rid of kitchen wastage is concerned.

For those who are not really aware of what a garbage disposal unit is, we would like to mention that it’s a small motorized attachment that is fitted below your main kitchen sink.

What it does is that it shreds larger pieces of waste into really small manageable chunks. That way the kitchen waste is easier to dispose down the train. Therefore, there are no clogged plumbing lines for you to repair.

Today we will be discussing the things that you should never put in a garbage disposal unit.


Bones are a really hard substance. They are not easy to break into manageable pieces. If you put bones in the garbage disposal unit, they will just keep spinning. Even if they break, they still won’t be small enough to go down the drain completely. There is also a risk of the blades in the unit of getting damaged. Hence, it is best to avoid bones in a garbage disposal unit.

Coffee Grounds

These are pretty deceptive in appeal. It looks like something that the garbage disposal unit can take care of. But the truth is really different. Coffee grounds take shape of sludge in the unit. It can actually lead to complete garbage disposal unit malfunction. So, it is best to avoid them.

Egg Shells

Egg shells can really create a mess in a garbage disposal unit. They also look like something which would not be of a consequence however egg shells are slimy stuff on the inside. They tend to stick in the unit and never actually go down the drain. Having eggshells in your garbage disposal unit can create a really stinky situation. Hence it is best to avoid them.

Avocado Seeds

What we mean by avocado seeds is any hard-shelled seed. Ever tried breaking one of them? Yes, right they cannot be broken so easily. Putting one in your garbage disposal unit will be a disaster. They will surely damage the blades of the unit. It will be really hard to extract them once they are lodged in the unit too. Hence, it would be really prudent to keep them away from the unit.

Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil will go right through your unit and will stay at the bottom. It will stick to the blades of the unit and will cause them to malfunction. It will also clog your plumbing lines. Therefore, under no circumstances should you put cooking oil in the garbage disposal unit.

Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta are two food items which would expand if exposed to water even after being fully cooked. You should not dump them down the drain as most likely they will expand in the drain and clog the entire system. It will also damage your garbage disposal unit. It is best to avoid them.

We hope you liked our blog post. Stay tuned for more such posts in the future.