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Greetings and welcome to yet another great blog post from Plumb Doctor. Hope you guys are having a great and leak free time. Today, we will be writing about the signs that you have found a great plumber or plumbing company.

A word before we begin, this post is not here because we want to sing laurels about how great we are. It is here for everyone who wants to know and appreciate the services of a good plumber.

So here it goes.

Your network should be speaking about him 

Everyone has a social circle, a group of trustworthy friends and peers. We are sure every one of them would have availed the services of a plumber. Ask them. Ask every one of them. If a common name comes into picture, chances are that you have found your great plumber.

Just don’t get swayed by the emotions

What if your network is feeding you with the wrong vibes? Maybe it is not the plumber that you would want. How can you be so sure? The only way is to ask the plumber some questions about his previous works and then ask for at least 3 persons whom he has served well. These people should be apart from those who are in your social circle. Give them a call and be sure.

Can he figure out your needs?

A great plumber will be a professional. He would put his reputation, expertise, and credibility first and money second. If the plumber you have called is taking a keen interest in understanding your situation, chances are you are in the right hands. A great plumber will always be in listen mode. He would listen to you with utmost patience and understand what needs to be done. He would inspect the problem area and investigate the issue with the inputs that you have given and he would then give you a fair estimate of things and get the things done.

Can he handle emergencies? 

Is the plumber or the plumbing service ready to serve you in times of plumbing emergency? We are not talking about a sudden flash flood entering your home. But is the plumbing service ready to serve you in the middle of the night? Can they handle situations that require sudden intervention and resolution of the plumbing issue? If they can, and they can do it with the highest professional standards, you have found a great plumbing service for yourself.

Do they have a concrete feedback mechanism?

A good plumber or a plumbing service should always be open to feedback. Does your plumber or plumbing service have a professionally managed website, with open social media channels? Check how they have handled customer criticism and what have they done in the past to resolve customer issues. If they have a consistent record of successfully resolving customer grievances, you have a great plumber in your hands. You can safely go ahead with the services.

If you happen to live in Indianapolis and need some good plumbing service to take care of your plumbing needs, feel free to give us a call. We are available 24/7 for your service.