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Plumbing brings us a stress-free way of flushing away waste in our homes and never having to deal with it again… except for when your nose catches a whiff of something funky. There is a certain smell that you just know it has to be from your plumbing. As horrid as it smells, there also comes with it some health risk problems if not addressed. Let’s jump into what you can do about that awful smell.

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Wash It Down

Luckily, the most common reason for these odors coming from the drain also has the quickest and easiest solution. Usually, the awful smell that comes from the drains is because of sitting water in the pipe’s water trap has evaporated and come back up through the drain. If this is the case, all you need to do is run some water down the drain to wash it away. The u-shaped pipe under your sink is formed to create a barrier of water between the nasty things all the way down the drain and your home. If that water hasn’t been pushed down in a while, it will evaporate and the air will crawl its way up the pipe. Just run some water down the drain for under 20 seconds and wait to see if the smell goes away.

Clear the Pipes

If you find out that it wasn’t the sitting water, then it is likely that there is something stuck in your pipes. This happens more often down kitchen sink drain pipes because certain foods love to cause hold-ups in the drains. It is possible to do it yourself, you just need to detach the drain cover so you can scrub away all the slime with a pipe brush from the store. After you clean the pipes, you should mix some bleach with water and pour it down the drain for a fresher smell. If you are not comfortable with detaching and reattaching your pipes, you can call us to come fix that problem for you.

Call Us

If the odor is coming from more than one drain in the house, you more than likely have a bigger problem to deal with. Call us to come inspect the situation because you probably have a sewer system problem. We will be able to tell you if the problem is stemming from just your sewer system or the community sewer system. You will want to act fast because if there is clog, you don’t want it to turn into a crack… If it is a crack, you definitely don’t want it to turn into a break. We are your Indianapolis Area local plumbers that want you to have all your plumbing problems situated so you can live a stress-free life at home. 317-306-9343