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Has the water bill been a bit too expensive for your taste lately? In just about every part of your house that uses water, there is a way to reduce your usage. Some changes have more impact than others but we have decided to inform you on just about everything you can do to lower your water bill by the end of the month. Not only will you be saving money by following these tips, you will be helping the environment as well! Let’s take a look at what you can do.

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Faucet control

Never leave on a running faucet. When brushing your teeth, don’t leave the water running when the toothbrush is in your mouth. When shaving, put a stopper in the sink and use the same water to rinse off your razor.

Low-Flow is your friend

Whether you have a normal shower head versus a low-flow shower head, you will still be clean when you walk out of the shower. The only difference is with a low-flow shower head, you have just used a fraction of the water which correlates in a fraction of the water bill!


To put it into perspective, a bath generally uses about 30 gallons of water while a 10-minute shower uses about 25 gallons of water. But a 10-minute shower with a LOW-FLOW showerhead uses about 20 gallons! If you have the power to change up your ways, you can save a lot of water!

No toilet leaks

Most toilet leaks are happening for a long time before the homeowner ever notices. If gone unnoticed, the wasted water adds up on your water bill. One way to test it is to flush down a few drops of food coloring and if it seeps into the bowl afterward, then you have a leak.


Use the dishwasher

This should be easy for you because using the dishwasher not only is more water efficient, it is less effort too.

Upgrade your dishwasher to a water-smart dishwasher

If it is about time for you to upgrade your dishwasher, take a look for a water-smart dishwasher. They are not only more efficient with water but also energy. Save your money on two utility bills!

Garbage can>Garbage disposal

Both do the same job, to put your waste out of the way. The only difference is one uses water and the other doesn’t. If you are trying to save on your water bill, throw your waste in the trash!

Low-Flow is your friend again!

The kitchen sink can be low-flow as well!


Recycled water

Your plants don’t care if you use the same water you showered with. They will still absorb all of it and thrive just the same!


When you choose plants for your garden that are native to the region you live in, they will need less maintenance which means less water!

Planting groundcover

When you plant ground cover around your plants, it will lock the moisture underneath your plants and directly into the soil.

If you need help fixing any leaks or installing low-flow showerheads, we are your friendly local plumbing company that would be happy to help. Click the button below to contact us about any of your plumbing needs!