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Every service, yes even plumbing has annual trends. We have been into plumbing for a long time and have been a part of these trends for quite a few years. It is just that for the first time we are actually blogging about it.

2019 is starting and we thought it is the right time to let our readers know about the current trends in plumbing. So here it goes!

Latest Plumbing Trends

The IoT of Plumbing

We are sure that you must be familiar with the term IoT. Well, for all those who still don’t know what it is, its called Internet of Things. It is a fusion technology which assists and automates things which are commonly used by a human. This technology enables us to have more constructive time with us. IoT is everywhere and has caught up with plumbing too.

Currently, devices are in use which can really boost the plumbing efficiency of a home. Shower heads which save water, they can even let you know when they need maintenance. Smart monitors which can tell you the areas of your house where the water consumption is heavy. Sensor-enabled plumbing systems which can monitor every element of your domestic/commercial plumbing and let you know if things need attention or repair. IoT is really changing the way plumbing is being done now and will be done in the future.

Healthy Plumbing

This concept of healthy plumbing is becoming a rave. This concept is now catching up so much because the population, in general, is now more educated on the health concerns that can really ruin their lives. People want pure water and even purer delivery mediums. One example is the clear shift from lead pipes to other safe materials for plumbing lines. People are now aware of the consequences of being exposed to certain materials and are willing to shell some extra bucks for the safer alternative.

Stone, Copper, and Concrete

For remodelling projects and new projects, people are showing a clear preference for stone, copper, and concrete as the preferred material for their plumbing needs and other related fixtures. We think that this trend will continue in the future also.

The Bath

Having shower temples or simple showers in the bathroom is now a fading trend. The latest in-thing is having a proper bathroom with freestanding bathtubs and bath islands. People are now shifting towards a bathing experience. They need their bathrooms to be a place of relaxation and not just a place where a daily ritual is performed.

Water Heaters

The issues with water heaters is still a trend. However, people are becoming sensitive to this issue and are now demanding a more reliable and convenient option for heating water. This has led to a spike in demand for high-quality water heaters which are reliable and provide energy efficient operation. Tankless water heaters have seen a growth in demand. The reason for that is they are easy to use and easy to maintain. Let us see what the coming year has in store for this trend.

We hope that our blog post added some value to our readers. Please stay tuned for more such informative blog posts in the future.